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Since becoming a mom, there have been many moments when I think to myself, "Now I get it..." in regards to things I remember complaining about when I was a kid. Example: eating leftovers. I always hated eating leftovers. Pretty much no matter what it was, even something I liked, I didn't want to eat it two days in a row. As I got older, I got a little better about sometimes eating leftovers for lunch the next day. But really only when I packed it for lunch to take to work, and when lunch came and I didn't want it, I really had no other choice. So I tolerated leftovers. But for dinner? Never. Never, ever, ever. Well, now I get it.

#1, if I'm going to spend 45 minutes making a nice homemade meal, dealing with a whining child who either wants to help stir, be picked up to watch, or drag me away to play or read a book all while putting on very convincing performance of a desperately starving person for the entire duration of the meal preparation, I'm sure as heck gonna squeeze two meals out of it, thus getting avoiding an encore the following night.

and #2, trying to plan for and prepare 5-7 different meals (depending on our eating out situation that week :) every single week gets oooooold. So if eating leftovers means I may only have to plan for and prepare 3-5 meals that week, I am so on board! I might actually even start to enjoy meal planning again when it takes up half as much time!

So Mom, I am here to formally apologize for complaining about leftovers. I now get it completely

Another similar thing that I now get: Spaghetti Monday, Taco Tuesday, or whatever version of a recurring weekly meal. We never did that in our house growing up, but I think I'm ready to institute it!


  1. In my defense...We did NOT eat leftovers a lot. And sometimes with just a little of this and that I made you believe it was a new dish. LOL You'll get that down too.



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