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So, I figured since Spring is a very short lived season around here, I might as well combine it with summer when it comes to a wish list. It's all just stuff that's appropriate for hot. I looked around a bit for a swimsuit to add, but since I know I won't be replacing this one that I bought a few years ago, I skipped it. I wear a swimsuit maybe 3 times a year, so there's really no sense at all in replacing it more than every decade or so :)

Anybody else dying to jump on the Birkenstock band wagon? Dying to, yes. But going to? No. Way too rich for my blood. But that won't stop me from scouring all the discount websites almost daily in hopes that I'll magically find the perfect pair for like, a hundred-million percent off. 

I think I'm seeing a bit of a common theme up there with lacey, flowy and embroidered stuff taking over. I don't think I've ever seen a common theme in my shopping cart before. Weird.

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