Shirt: Genuine 1981 ELO from my mom :), Pants, Old Navy, Shoes: Target

Today it's me. A little grumpy, a little on edge, a little frustrated, probably a little looking to pick a fight if Jordan were home. Good thing he's not. Normally I let these kinds of days take over. I go on a cleaning binge because that's what I do when I'm mad, upset or "in a mood". I let that clutter that has been sitting on that table not bothering a darn thing suddenly get to me. 

Well, not today. Err... not for the rest of today anyway. These are exactly the kinds of days when I need to stop and realize just how lucky I am. Lucky that I have all of that stuff to clutter up the desk in the first place. Lucky to be home with my sweet baby girl to see it. Lucky to have a husband to try to pick fights with who never takes the bait (however irritated it may make me in the moment ;). Then I probably need to just go have a seat, turn on Gilmore Girls and eat a little of that chocolate cake that's been tempting me all day :)

P.S. This is my Doug outfit. Did anyone else watch that cartoon? I'm always telling Jordan that he's like Doug, with a "uniform" of his green pants or shorts (exactly the same as the pants, only cut off) and a solid t-shirt. But sometimes I envy that. I've been fighting the urge to wear one of 2 or 3 shirts, jeans and these shoes pretty much every day. But I feel good in it, it's easy, it's fast. So why not just wear it every day? Well, because of this blog is why not. I may stop fighting it for a little while though.

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