Tee: Ross, Plaid: Old Navy, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Toms, Hat: Amazon

I've been in a particularly cheerful mood today, and on our way home from the library I got to thinking about why that might be. And you know what? I starting coming up with quite a long list, which I will now share with you (lucky, lucky you ;)

  1. I was not woken up by any crying last night (at least none that I remember, which is good enough for me).
  2. I woke up drooling. Nothing says good sleep like drool :)
  3. It's not sunny, but it's not raining either!
  4. The grass and Adelaide's outside toys aren't completely wet, which means we will be spending our afternoon outside!
  5. I got to walk on the treadmill while watching Downton Abbey yesterday.
  6. Adelaide broke into a huge smile and ran to me when I went to pick her up from KidCare afterwards (when she finally dragged her attention away from all the toys and fun she was having long enough to realize I was even there :)!
  7. Adelaide ate all of her dinner last night (including broccoli), all of her breakfast and all of her lunch today without any coercion or flying food on mine and Jordan's part.
  8. Adelaide and I got to go to story time and hang out with our friends today, and both had an especially good time there.
  9. I started putting together our office stuff from Ikea yesterday! Normally putting together anything from Ikea is anything but happy, but I got to do it in peace, while Adelaide took an extra longish nap and I think it's going to work out so perfectly and I just can't wait to start organizing everything!
  10. My new tripod came and it was cheap and it's super sweet and I love it!
And I think I could just go on and on, seriously. I have no clue whether this mood is actually a result of any of that stuff, or if I am so happy with all of that stuff because I'm in such a good mood. Whatever it is, I don't care, I just hope it hangs around!


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