Shirt: Old Navy? (It's really old), Jeans & Shoes: F21, Belt: Target
^^ I tried to salvage my very over-exposed outfit pics, but mostly I think I just look like a person with a spray tan in a still over-exposed photo. Professional photographer/photo editor I am not. ;) ^^

I am so completely dragging right now. So, I'm going to take a nap. Well, if Adelaide ever decides to take a nap, then I'll take a nap. Being homebound due to a stomach bug (on Adelaide's part) for the majority of the past four days has left me feeling a little stir-crazy and particularly tired and worn-out. Or maybe my Spring allergies kicking in is really what's behind the tiredness. Is that a symptom of allergies? And between the bug and the lack of any stimulation or physical activity to speak of, Adelaide's naps have been erratic and short (with four 30 minute - 1 hour naps one day). I don't mean to sound selfish, but I need for her to have a good, solid nap today. I need a good nap today. 

Wow, super tired me is a super boring blog writer... 

On the plus side, Adelaide seems to be pretty much over whatever it was that was ailing her. Here's a few shots I got yesterday while we soaked up an especially beautiful afternoon:


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