Tee & Sandals: Target, Skirt: F21

Hmm... what to jabber about today...

Well, I'm currently switching between here and another tab researching 18 month old sleep requirements... I think I may be fated to constantly question Adelaide's sleep schedule for the rest of forever

It's only 63  days until our beach vacation!

Our office is almost complete. I just need to make one more trip to Ikea...

Adelaide had her 18 month check up this morning and all is well. She's still bouncing between the 20th and 30th percentiles for her height and weight, but her big ole brain holds steady in the 70th percentile ;)

Jordan got on my case about driving too fast over the weekend. That didn't turn out well at all.

What do ya think? Enough random and probably boring rambling for one day?



The new camera has arrived and I couldn't be more thrilled with it so far (and I know I've only just begun to scratch the surface of all the awesome functions it has). Hope you're in the mood to take in lots and lots of Adelaide's adorable-ness...

^^ Blogger does something stupid to the color in my pictures every once in a while when I upload them, these would be an example. I swear her shirt doesn't look blue in iPhoto. vv

 ^^If you look really closely, you can just see the ladybug crawling on her arm who is responsible for her glee here. ^^

 ^^ When Daddy gets home ;) ^^ 

^^Everything's a phone. ^^ 

^^ Just to mix things up a bit, here's one of the old man. ^^




Tee: Old Navy, Jeans: F21, Sandals: Target 

As I type, both ends of the spectrum are being represented. On one end is the brand new battery belonging to our brand new camera charging away, and on the other end is my sweet, adorable, lovable baby girl screaming, literally, screaming in her crib. Why is she screaming you may ask? Oh well, because she's been asleep for 45 minutes. Because, you know, it's totally normal for a kid to scream 45 minutes into their nap, only to stop and go back to sleep after a few minutes. Yeah, normal isn't really something we come into contact with a whole lot around here.

But that's okay, because that battery charging with the promise of having a new camera to fiddle with shortly will get me through. 

Oh, what do you know. The screaming has stopped. Like I said, totally normal... 

Oh hey, I've got a book recommendation for ya (ya = females) if you're in the mood for a cheesy, mostly predictable, funny and sweet summertime romance chick lit kinda book: Crazy Little Thing



 Tee & Sunnies: F21, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Target

I'm proud to report that project "Clean up the disaster that is our office" is nearly complete! It has taken me over a week to sort through the multitude of random papers piled all over Jordan's half of the room and crafting supplies collected by me. I think it would be wise for people to move every 5 years or so just to be forced to sort though all of their crap and be faced with packing it up and moving it or getting rid of it. It's just too easy to keep everything when you can just shove it in random drawers, baskets and shelves (which is what we've been doing for 10 years). I've honestly got stickers in a drawer right now that I've had since high school. Why do I keep them???

Side Note: I'm watching listening to an episode of Dawson's Creek on YouTube with the window open and a nice Spring breeze is gently blowing though as I type this post... perfect afternoon :)

Side Note #2: We've booked our plane tickets and house for a summer vacation! If anyone has any recommendations of things we might need for Adelaide, please share! 



Tee, Boots & Belt: Target, Plaid: Old Navy, Jeans: F21, Adorable Child: My Very Own ;)

Adelaide Glowicki: photo bomb extraordinaire! This was supposed to be an outfit post, but I was cold and making incredibly unflattering faces in about 93% of the pictures I took. Plus, I just knew Adelaide was going to fall in a puddle of water the second I took my eyes off of her; the mom-ready-to-pounce look also didn't do me any favors. You know, cause my outfit pictures are usually stellar resulting in me being mistaken for a paid model on a regular basis. 

I'm currently looking ahead to yet another Jordan-less weekend. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate how hard-working he is? Because I really and truly do. He rarely gets a break. I tend to equate his working so much to me not getting a break. How self-centered is that? I think it's fair to say that we both work really hard, me: taking care of our family, and him: providing for our family. He's awesome and we're lucky to have him. I do miss him though. I guess that's what it really boils down to. We miss him. I do realize that I have far less to complain and boo hoo about than most, so I'll just leave it at that.

Oooh, UPS is here! Amazon Prime baby!

I better go corral Bowser so he doesn't wake Adelaide up. Happy Friday!



**I just noticed that I never published this post from March 2nd, so how about a twofer today?**

WARNING: Several of these shots are a blurry mess, but it's all I got, so it's what you're gonna get.

 ^^Me trying to get Adelaide even half as excited as I was. ^^

 ^^ I wouldn't say I was totally successful in my efforts ;) ^^

 ^^Bowser, however, was even more excited than I was! ^^

^^ This makes twice that I got her with her tongue out. The desire to catch snowflakes on your tongue must be intrinsic. ^^

Imagine my surprise when I went to the calendar to see how many more days of February I would have to endure only to find that it was already March 1st! (Obviously this was yesterday.) While there still may have been snow on the ground yesterday, simply seeing that month on the calendar gave me a little "spring" (okay, I'm really proud of that one!) in my step. 

While I do love watching the snow fall and running around in it like I'm a kid seeing it for the first time, I do still hope that was the last I'll see of it until next Winter. March = Spring in my books and Spring = Warm. And in Texas, that is a completely reasonable association. Sorry to those of you who can't hope for that for several more weeks... it ain't my fault ;)

P.S. I am happy to report that the super crabby phase Adelaide was in for about the last 3 weeks seems to be winding down! 


Shirt: Old Navy? (It's really old), Jeans & Shoes: F21, Belt: Target
^^ I tried to salvage my very over-exposed outfit pics, but mostly I think I just look like a person with a spray tan in a still over-exposed photo. Professional photographer/photo editor I am not. ;) ^^

I am so completely dragging right now. So, I'm going to take a nap. Well, if Adelaide ever decides to take a nap, then I'll take a nap. Being homebound due to a stomach bug (on Adelaide's part) for the majority of the past four days has left me feeling a little stir-crazy and particularly tired and worn-out. Or maybe my Spring allergies kicking in is really what's behind the tiredness. Is that a symptom of allergies? And between the bug and the lack of any stimulation or physical activity to speak of, Adelaide's naps have been erratic and short (with four 30 minute - 1 hour naps one day). I don't mean to sound selfish, but I need for her to have a good, solid nap today. I need a good nap today. 

Wow, super tired me is a super boring blog writer... 

On the plus side, Adelaide seems to be pretty much over whatever it was that was ailing her. Here's a few shots I got yesterday while we soaked up an especially beautiful afternoon:



Shirt: Ross, Sweater & Jeans: F21, Boots: Target

Adelaide's first sleepover was a huge success! I don't know if it was all of the excitement of running around like a nut with her three cousins all afternoon, or the fact that Jordan and I weren't there, or some combination of those and/or other things, but she fell asleep in her pack n' play no problem! That's kind of a monumental accomplishment in my book, because she hasn't slept anywhere besides her crib or car seat in over 6 months (and we've tried). 

Jordan and I had planned on using the free time to get our new office desk-area-thing installed and ready to go, but the Texas weather had other plans. Thanks to the lovely Spring humidity setting in (see above pictured frizzy hair), our counter top wouldn't dry and thus, nothing got installed. We did at least get to measure everything out and whatnot, so when we do get to actually move everything on it, it should go fairly quickly.

I can't wait to share some pictures with you when we finally get it done! I think it's pretty much gonna be the height of super-sweet!



When I know I'm doing the same old "poses", and quickly try to pull out something new:
Shirt: Target, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Minnetonka

When Jordan walks through the door at 12:50 (!), and hears Adelaide carrying on like it's the best party in the world happening in her crib and he makes a beeline for her door. Nooooo! She had been in there for an hour (an hour!) partying like it was 1999, even though I had to pull every children's song in my repertoire out on our way home from her play date just to get her to keep her semi-awake long to get home and eat lunch before her nap. Yes, Jordan, she is wide awake at the moment, however she has not 
napped all day, and she has to nap. Okay, so I missed that ever important "window" during which she would fall asleep easily, but I wasn't going to give up. 

On one hand, it was really sweet and endearing to see Jordan so excited to go play with his baby girl, but on the other hand, I would have had to body slam him if he tried to crack that door even a smidge.

So, I sent him off for a shower, and not 3 minutes later, she was asleep. I love it when I am so obviously right ;)

P.S. There is something Microsoft Word level dumb going on with the formatting and I give.



 Tee: Ross, Plaid: Old Navy, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Toms, Hat: Amazon

I've been in a particularly cheerful mood today, and on our way home from the library I got to thinking about why that might be. And you know what? I starting coming up with quite a long list, which I will now share with you (lucky, lucky you ;)

  1. I was not woken up by any crying last night (at least none that I remember, which is good enough for me).
  2. I woke up drooling. Nothing says good sleep like drool :)
  3. It's not sunny, but it's not raining either!
  4. The grass and Adelaide's outside toys aren't completely wet, which means we will be spending our afternoon outside!
  5. I got to walk on the treadmill while watching Downton Abbey yesterday.
  6. Adelaide broke into a huge smile and ran to me when I went to pick her up from KidCare afterwards (when she finally dragged her attention away from all the toys and fun she was having long enough to realize I was even there :)!
  7. Adelaide ate all of her dinner last night (including broccoli), all of her breakfast and all of her lunch today without any coercion or flying food on mine and Jordan's part.
  8. Adelaide and I got to go to story time and hang out with our friends today, and both had an especially good time there.
  9. I started putting together our office stuff from Ikea yesterday! Normally putting together anything from Ikea is anything but happy, but I got to do it in peace, while Adelaide took an extra longish nap and I think it's going to work out so perfectly and I just can't wait to start organizing everything!
  10. My new tripod came and it was cheap and it's super sweet and I love it!
And I think I could just go on and on, seriously. I have no clue whether this mood is actually a result of any of that stuff, or if I am so happy with all of that stuff because I'm in such a good mood. Whatever it is, I don't care, I just hope it hangs around!


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