Maybe you can guess by the lack of a smile in any of the photos of Adelaide that she's going through something yet again. Sick? Teething? Phase? She started acting weird yesterday afternoon and basically hasn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday. I won't go into any boring details, but suffice it to say that when faced with choosing between keeping Adelaide up so we could do story time and enduring an endless track of crying, following me around the house saying "Up, up, up..." and requesting sleep until it was time for us to leave or letting her go down for a nap at 9:30, ensuring we would have to miss story time, it didn't take me long to choose option number one. It's a whole other story, but I had decided that it was time for me to give her a little push in the direction of one nap a day... like I said, whole other story... but today it's just not in the cards. So now I'm annoyed that that plan, which I very carefully thought through and worked so hard to implement for the past two days has been totally ruined. I just can't even describe the level of frustration that comes with being a parent, for me at least. Being a very routine and scheduled person makes parenting so hard.

Add to that the fact that I spent a fruitless and increasingly frustrating 10 minutes searching the house for the camera remote. Nowhere to be found. Okay, guess I'll have to do the back and forth timer thing.  But wait! As I adjust the camera on the tripod, the tripod up and breaks. Just a floppy mess. Guess that means outfit pics are out. Why the heck did I even get dressed then?!?! So instead I try to get Adelaide by herself, but as shown in picture number 2, she pretty much just chased me around the yard with the ever present "up, up, up..." request, making it nearly impossible to get anything good. And clearly there's no smiling happening. So then I try to prop the camera on the porch railing to get us both, but the back and forth got old reeeeaaaaal quick.

Today? Not looking good.

P.S. After that whole fiasco was done, Jordan called me back to say that the remote is in his truck. I mean, I assumed that since the camera and extra lens made their way back to the house, that if the remote had gone too, it must've been brought back with everything else. Makes sense, right? Yeah well, assuming.... 


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