I can't believe I'm about to tell you this.... I still don't have an outfit post to share! Even though the roads are covered in sleet and ice, Jordan was off to work today, camera in tow (not to use, mind you. Just along for the ride, along with a multitude of other things that should be brought into the house, but won't until he can no longer squeeze into the truck around the accumulating things. At which point a huge load of things ranging from clothes to coffee cups to a camera will be brought up to the back porch and dumped somewhere to sit for even more days until one of us, probably me, decides to sort through it). Men...

Anyway, I do have a kind of fun (for me) bit of news to share. Jordan's been having me help him out a little with some Glow Coatings (his company) stuff. I started a Facebook page for him and I've been running it. I've really enjoyed putting my PicMonkey skills to work :) It's felt really good to have something to do that is in no way related to anything toddler and to actually feel useful.

Okay, since I don't have any outfit pics to edit or upload, I guess I'll go reclaim my spot in front of the fire and watch some (more) Gilmore Girls and wait for this to come out of the oven.

In case you're desperate for something that doesn't require reading I'll choose a quick random pic here.... wonder what I'll find.....

Ha! Funny pregnant pic... no clue! Stay warm!


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