This is what you get when you've got a broken tripod and can't find a single place to vertically prop up the camera without a significant lean in multiple directions and it's 20-something degrees which is way too cold to mess with it:

After now enduring 4 nights in a row of incredibly interrupted sleep (I'm not talking the typical 1-2 jolts awake from Adelaide's random crying, I'm talking 1-2 hours awake in the middle of the night), I'm done. Exhausted. Completely and utterly tapped out. So instead of dragging you through my self-pity right now, I'm going to go in the opposite direction.

I read this post on The Rockstar Diaries last night, and #1, it gave me comfort to know that other moms are finding these winter days to be incredibly difficult and #2, reminded me that the very best way to get through hard times is to have gratitude for all of the good stuff. So, here it is:

10 things that make me happy:
  1. Adelaide squealing and diving to me for safety when she tries to lure Bowser to her and actually succeeds.
  2. Jordan telling the maybe it's time to buy that new camera!
  3. The snow falling right now
  4. Gilmore Girls
  5. When I walk into Adelaide's room after she wakes up from a nap and she's smiling (which sadly only happens once a day at most... does that tidbit ruin the happy part?)
  6. My morning coffee.
  7. When Adelaide pops her head back into the living room to say "bye" when she goes to play in her room by herself.
  8. A crackling fire.
  9. Going out to eat. Not having to think of something to make or clean up is heavenly.
  10. Baking. Always.
Okay, I'm going to go enjoy this snow before it's gone.



Maybe you can guess by the lack of a smile in any of the photos of Adelaide that she's going through something yet again. Sick? Teething? Phase? She started acting weird yesterday afternoon and basically hasn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday. I won't go into any boring details, but suffice it to say that when faced with choosing between keeping Adelaide up so we could do story time and enduring an endless track of crying, following me around the house saying "Up, up, up..." and requesting sleep until it was time for us to leave or letting her go down for a nap at 9:30, ensuring we would have to miss story time, it didn't take me long to choose option number one. It's a whole other story, but I had decided that it was time for me to give her a little push in the direction of one nap a day... like I said, whole other story... but today it's just not in the cards. So now I'm annoyed that that plan, which I very carefully thought through and worked so hard to implement for the past two days has been totally ruined. I just can't even describe the level of frustration that comes with being a parent, for me at least. Being a very routine and scheduled person makes parenting so hard.

Add to that the fact that I spent a fruitless and increasingly frustrating 10 minutes searching the house for the camera remote. Nowhere to be found. Okay, guess I'll have to do the back and forth timer thing.  But wait! As I adjust the camera on the tripod, the tripod up and breaks. Just a floppy mess. Guess that means outfit pics are out. Why the heck did I even get dressed then?!?! So instead I try to get Adelaide by herself, but as shown in picture number 2, she pretty much just chased me around the yard with the ever present "up, up, up..." request, making it nearly impossible to get anything good. And clearly there's no smiling happening. So then I try to prop the camera on the porch railing to get us both, but the back and forth got old reeeeaaaaal quick.

Today? Not looking good.

P.S. After that whole fiasco was done, Jordan called me back to say that the remote is in his truck. I mean, I assumed that since the camera and extra lens made their way back to the house, that if the remote had gone too, it must've been brought back with everything else. Makes sense, right? Yeah well, assuming.... 



I can't believe I'm about to tell you this.... I still don't have an outfit post to share! Even though the roads are covered in sleet and ice, Jordan was off to work today, camera in tow (not to use, mind you. Just along for the ride, along with a multitude of other things that should be brought into the house, but won't until he can no longer squeeze into the truck around the accumulating things. At which point a huge load of things ranging from clothes to coffee cups to a camera will be brought up to the back porch and dumped somewhere to sit for even more days until one of us, probably me, decides to sort through it). Men...

Anyway, I do have a kind of fun (for me) bit of news to share. Jordan's been having me help him out a little with some Glow Coatings (his company) stuff. I started a Facebook page for him and I've been running it. I've really enjoyed putting my PicMonkey skills to work :) It's felt really good to have something to do that is in no way related to anything toddler and to actually feel useful.

Okay, since I don't have any outfit pics to edit or upload, I guess I'll go reclaim my spot in front of the fire and watch some (more) Gilmore Girls and wait for this to come out of the oven.

In case you're desperate for something that doesn't require reading I'll choose a quick random pic here.... wonder what I'll find.....

Ha! Funny pregnant pic... no clue! Stay warm!



Well, I did have an outfit post planned for today, unfortunately the camera with the memory card containing the pictures I took yesterday went with Hubs to work today. Whoopsies...

Instead, I'll share with you this little collage I just made with mine/my and Jordan's (I have no idea what the correct grammar is with that one) baby pictures. I used to always see 100% Jordan when I compared Adelaide to this baby picture of him, but when I compare us all, I think maybe I do see a little of us both in her. 

Alright, we've got a big day in the works. Play date and zoo (weather permitting). Cross your fingers that it all works out for us please!

Oh, one more riveting observation: Milk expiration dates are now in March. March! The month when Spring officially begins! SPRING! Does anyone else use milk expiration dates to gauge closeness of exciting events? Anyone?



^^ February 20, 2013: The doctor's appointment that confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and that our life would soon change more than we ever could have begun to imagine. ^^

^^ February 18, 2014: Just one year later, we already had a little person on our hands! Apparently we were having an unusually warm day around this time last year as well. ^^

^^February 17, 2015: My how life has changed in the last two years... (I apologize for the extremely low quality of this one. Jordan took it ;) ^^



Shirt: Ross, Vest: Wal-Mart, Jeans: F21, Boots: Target

So, my sugar consumption has been Out. Of. Control. It's been a problem off and on since before Thanksgiving. But really on since my bright idea of selling baked goods. I haven't been selling many, but I have been making them so I can photograph them... and then eating them. I mean, someone has to. So there were Valentine's Day cookies. Lots and lots of Valentine's Day cookies. Then there were the chocolate dipped pretzels that I made for our Valentine party, which we didn't get to go to, therefore the pretzels had to stay at home. Then there were the cinnamon rolls. Those were a Valentine gift from Hubs, so I really didn't have any choice but to eat those. Three of those. Then there were the bananas that were past their prime, and therefore had to baked into something. Is it my fault that I'm the only one in our house that likes banana bread? Then there's the strudel. The whole strudel. Jordan only goes to ride up near that German town every once in a while, so since it's a rare opportunity, he had to get the strudel. And there's only place that sells them, and you can only buy them whole. So what choice was there really? My solution to this problem has been to just eat it all, so it'll be gone. Once it's gone, I won't be eating it any more.... right? That has been the ongoing plan for at least three weeks now, but somehow more and more must-be-eaten deliciousness just keeps appearing. Yeah, maybe not the best plan of action.

Also, what's with our weather? We've got the bright green springy grass right next to the ice coated frosty grass. Flurries in the forecast right along with a sunny 70 degree day. I guess that's why she's mother nature. Flip-flopping and mind changing faster than you can say woman. Okay, I'll scale that back to be a comparison just to myself rather than all women, because I know how generalizations can offend. All women are certainly not like that, but mother nature and I sure are cut from the same fickle cloth.



Saturday was one of those days that just felt perfect. The sun was out, it was warm but not hot, the birds were singing, it felt like Spring. Do you ever have those days or moments? Moments really. I don't think that feeling can ever last for more than a moment. I think it must only happen when there is a perfect combination of things... maybe it's when you're experiencing something that makes you so happy from every sense all at the same time. For me, I think it was hearing the birds, feeling the warm sun, seeing Jordan and Adelaide both smiling and happy, smelling the beginning of Spring, and eating Cheetos;) It's fleeting, but for that moment, it feels like there is nowhere else in the world you would rather be than right there. 

I'm so glad Jordan thought to snag a picture. It was as we were all there in that little opening in the trees, picnicking with our bikes parked nearby that I had that feeling. That feeling that everything was just perfect.

P.S. Speaking of perfection, if you haven't had any of those Simply Cheetos, you must go get some immediately. Those are also pure perfection.



^^ I think she liked her Valentine surprise ;) ^^

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday! Adelaide spent about 75% of her time with me throwing fits. Of course, when I left her with Dad she was a peach. This whole bit of throwing fits "with the one she feels the safest and most comfortable with" is bull. BULL I TELL YOU! Is that excuse really supposed to make me feel any better? Really?? (Okay, assuming that it's actually true, maybe it helps a little... but only a little!) What I will do is give her a pass because she's had a runny nose and cough. And you just can't stay mad at a sick baby. It wouldn't be fair. Especially when she's this cute:

^^Note: This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, before the sick/crabby stage started last weekend.^^

So, I hope everyone has a Valentine as cute and lovable as I do to spend the day with. (And if you're really lucky, maybe they'll be less crabby than mine too.) Happy Valentine's Day!



Tee & Watch: F21, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Target 

Somehow I managed to forget about my blog post today. With Adelaide's nap creeping up on 2 hours, I know I'm on very limited time, therefore I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking today.

Above is one of two new things I snagged from our night out sans baby last weekend (shout out to our favorite babysitters, Bebe and Pappy!). Cause what I really need is another baseball tee since the 2 in my closet aren't cutting it or something. But exactly how does one say no to the perfectly loose fitting, gray that goes with everything, super comfy and cheap tee shirt? That's right. You don't. Especially when there's a gift card footing the bill.

Below are a few pics that I nabbed over the weekend. It originally started as an attempt to get a cute Valentine's Day picture of Adelaide, but after 3 different days, 3 different Valentine's Day outfits and 3 failed attempts, I gave up. Let's just say a sick (or teething, or something) toddler isn't the most cooperative subject.

^^ This is the face we've been seeing a lot of since Sunday. She's just not quite 100%. ^^

^^ Of course, she can always muster up a smile for Bowser, aka Bubba (get it? bu... bu... Bowser.... we're getting there). ^^ 

^^ I was just fiddling around with the camera when I snagged this one... how could I not share it? Maybe hubs is the one who should be posing for pictures regularly ;) ^^

^^ That under-the-weather face... sad and sweet as can be. I really need to soak up that baby face while I still can. Gosh, I just love that little girl so much, it's crazy. ^^



Sweater: Old Navy, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Converse, Purse: Gift

It's the Valentine's Day curse. I suffered from it, and now it seems that Adelaide has inherited it. As a kid, I was sick for Valentine's Day (or my birthday) more times than any normal person. Last year I had to stay home on Valentine's Day with Adelaide who we had gotten sick with croup overnight, Me: missing our class party at school (which I think I was looking forward to as much as the kids), and Adelaide: missing her chance to hand out Valentine's to her friends at her babysitter's house (which I'm sure she took very hard ;). Today was the day for our meetup group's Valentine's Day party and what did Adelaide do? Wake up with a fever of course (only 100.5, but a fever nonetheless). So, no Valentine party for us today. And unless things change, I guess we'll be missing Adelaide's friend's birthday party playdate tomorrow too. 

I'm sorry Adelaide! I guess it's genetic. Hopefully she'll be back to it by Saturday so we can still do our traditional, oh so romantic dinner at Fuddruckers. (I say that with sarcasm, but I wouldn't have it any other way!)

P.S. I keep forgetting to share the purse I got for Christmas from my sister even though I carry it every day. So, there it is! Super cute right?



Tank: H&M, Denim: Urban Outfitters, Pant/Legging Hybrid Things: F21, Boots: Sears, Scarf: Gift

I am happy to report that this outfit is actually from yesterday, and that I am not freakishly cold-blooded and do not feel the need  to wear a ginormous scarf on days with a forecasted high the the 60's. I also realize that my neighbor's stuff does not provide the most aesthetically pleasing backdrop, however if you simply move your focus down from the bright red trailer, you will see that under my feet is ice upon which I felt compelled to slide around on and document here for you. I know this may be an inordinate amount of fun for me to rub in your faces, so feel free to live vicariously. 

Okay, so 70's this weekend for us in North Texas. Can I get a fist pump for those who will be lucky enough to experience it along with me and a collective "Awww." (sad face with pouty lip necessary to go with it guys) for those who will be experiencing actual Winter? On three... 




Sorry if I fist pumped with more enthusiasm.



Dress, Sweater & Necklace: F21, Shoes: Converse

Okay, I'm going to admit that I drug my hypochondriac self to the doctor yesterday, like 90% sure that #1 I was blowing my weird hyper-aware-of-my-breathing issue out of proportion, #2 I was experiencing a mild case of anxiety stemming from my already over-talked about issue of dumb self-imposed expectations and a toddler who is just starting to test out fit throwing as a means to get what she wants, and #3 what I really need is yoga/meditation/chill-the-heck-out time. So, I wasn't the least bit surprised when the doctor told me that it was, and I quote, "normal mom anxiety". Darn, I'm not special at all, am I?

So to anyone out there who #1 wonders what being a stay-at-home-mom is like, or #2 thinks being a stay-at-home-mom consists of sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating bon bons all day (or any other version of easy) I'm here to tell you it's hard. Of course I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I would imagine that my opinion is somewhat typical if it is considered "normal" for the job to cause anxiety.

I'm glad I happened upon that yoga groupon the other day.



Sentimental pile of mush, party of one? 

How do you like that Tuesday bit that I just made up? Great right? I'm sure it's gonna be the next big thing. Feel free to give me credit when you start using it ;)

I did this little comparison last night. I thought it was cute enough to share and honestly, I miss blogging on my off days just as much as I appreciate the extra time that it gives me. 

So, just a quick one to satiate my blogging appetite until tomorrow...



Sweater: Ross, Jacket: Target, Jeans: F21, Toboggan: Jordan's, Boots: Gift

So it was Friday after all. I wonder why it didn't occur to me that I was doing a blog post, which I've been doing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, therefore it must've been Friday and not Thursday... First it's called pregnancy brain and then it's called mom brain, but let's just call a spade a spade here: it's a complete loss of basic brain function and clear thinking. Which will apparently last for the rest of my life. That's juuuuust great.

And now to go along with this ever present state of brain-fart (I apologize if that sounds crass, but.... well, that's what it is), I now seem to be experiencing random spontaneous hyperventilation. That's probably an exaggeration. I'm not in a wide-eyed panic unable to catch my breath, I think I might be dying situation, but more in an all too aware of my breathing, I can't get a full breath, this isn't right situation. Or, maybe I'm just becoming a hypochondriac. I think I need to start going to yoga. 


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