Sweater: Jordan's, Skirt: H&M, Fleece lined Leggings & Watch (bummer story on the watch I'll have to share sometime): Xmas Gift, 
Shoes: Target 

And maaaaybe it was a little longer in the back and maaaaybe I recruited Jordan to even it up a little and maaaaybe he got a little scissor happy and actually just made it crooked and maaaaybe I tried to fix it but just ended up just leaving it that way for fear of making it worse... maaaaybe it's so bad that anyone in the beauty industry would keel over from just being in the same room. And maaaaybe I don't even care if it is... maybe I actually loooooove it, crooked or not. Maybe it's just what I needed.

It's kinda funny that I feel so different and refreshed with the change and yet Jordan doesn't even think it looks any different. Yep, he's a typical man like that. If I hadn't actually had him take the scissors to my hair himself, he probably wouldn't even believe I had cut it at all.

Okay guys, I'm going go soak up some sun (if Adelaide takes a nap, that's certainly no guarantee)... no Sheryl Crow reference intended. I kinda completely hate Sheryl Crow's music. Like even one second of one of her songs makes me cringe, I can't get it off fast enough, through and through hate. I'm sure she herself is just as lovely as can be. And really, if someone told me that I could have millions of dollars for singing some annoying overly poppy song, I would... but I digress. Don't I always though? That's kinda all I do. And you love it, dontcha?

Ahhhhhh.... I couldn't resist those rays peeking through... it's like the happiest thing in the world to close your eyes and let the warm sun just wash right over you... 
And how quickly it just evaporates right away when you are snapped out of your reverie so fast you have mental whiplash courtesy of the loudest crier in the world (Adelaide Louise Glowicki, I'm talking about you little miss thang ;)

Now, just in case I inadvertently got a really annoying song stuck in your head, here, here and here are a few of my current fav's, feel free to choose a replacement :)


  1. I'm digging the first and third song... The jury's still out on the second one! LoL

    1. Jury is in and the verdict is: it roooooockzzzz ;)



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