Toboggan (bc that's what I grew up calling it and I refuse to call it a beanie): Jordan's, Shirt: Old Navy, Scarf: Gift, Sweater: TJMaxx, 
Jeans: F21, Boots: Target

First things, first. We had such a fun weekend! It started with dinner out, sans children with Jordan's brother and his wife. Jordan's mom watched Adelaide and Hadley who proceeded to lose their minds (in a fun, kid way... I swear they found a sugar stash somewhere!), while we went and poked around not one, not two, but three, THREE! stores without once having to chase or distract a toddler or dig out snacks. Then we went to try a new grilled cheese place (Cheezies in Frisco) without having to cut up one single morsel of food! I think it's been longer than I realized since we ate a meal without Adelaide; it was incredibly relaxing! So it was a fun night for everyone involved, huge success! 

On Saturday afternoon my mom and dad came over to watch Adelaide and put her to bed while Jordan and I went out with some friends. We had pizza and got to catch up. So much fun! Every time we hang out with them we leave saying we should hang out with them more often, and then don't for months.  I think I have finally come to the realization that I need to learn to take our parents up on offers to watch Adelaide. It was so refreshing for us to have those little breaks. We needed it. Especially Jordan, who was crazy busy and fighting Murphy's Law at work all last week.

Now I am busy planning out my birthday week :) Hey, if I don't, no one will. And, it's the big 3-0 for me this year, so I think an entire week of celebrating however I want is very appropriate. And since I am cheap mindful of my spending, I am on at least 5 restaurant mailing lists that send coupons for free stuff around my birthday. I plan on taking full advantage. Here's how I'm thinking we may be able to fit it all in (don't judge, I have the tastes of an eight year old):

Monday- Arby's for my free shake. Holy schnikes, I love their roast beef sandwiches! I kept that place in business while I was pregnant with my roast beef sandwich cravings!

Tuesday- DQ for a BOGO free blizzard. I want to try the new oreo birthday cake blizzard this time, it's only fitting.

Wednesday- Chili's for my free dessert. Plus we have a gift card from Christmas, so the whole meal will be FA-REEEEEE!

Thursday- Nothing Bundt Cakes for my free bundlet. 

Friday- Grandy's for my oldest birthday tradition, chicken fried steak! I realize that I am like, the only person on the face of the earth that would choose Grandy's when given the chance to go anywhere for my birthday. But whatevs... I've done it a good 75% of my birthdays, and just cause I'm turning 30 doesn't mean that's gonna change! Plus, I got birthday coupon!

Saturday- GRIMALDI'S! Hands down my absolute favorite pizza in Texas. Only Ernesto's in Boston would have a chance of beating out Grimaldi's for #1... and it would be a competition, let me tell ya! Aaaaaand, on top of being my favorite pizza, they give out a coupon for a free pizza on your birthday! Like, FREE! Of course when you go adding extra toppings, and salad and whatnot, that's not free, but still, it's like $20 worth of free. 

Sunday- I'm making an italian cream cake. I've never had it, but it sounds gooooood! But, since it's got coconut, it wouldn't be the top choice for Jordan, therefore I've never made it. But it's my birthday, so I get to have whatever the heck I want, and I want italian cream. So, not only do I have an excuse to bake something, but what I bake is entirely up to moi. Perfect.

So, how's that sound? I'd say it sounds like one sweet birthday week to me. Literally ;)


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