^^ Obviously, all of these pictures were taken at the exact same time, so why the color in one is all weird and different from the other two, when they all match in iPhoto is beyond me. But I know from experience that re-uploading them does not fix whatever the issue is, therefore I'm not even going to try. vv
 Top: Marshall's, Jeans (which aren't neon-y blue in real life) & Belt: Target, Moccasins: Minnetonka (Bday gift from hubs several years ago)

It's the weather guys, I'm sure of it. The extra-huge doses of Vitamin D and fresh air has put both Adelaide and I in a particularly good mood for the past few days... downright chipper I would say. Maybe the fact that we've been getting more solid nights of sleep over the past week or so (I'd say a good 4 out of 7) than we've gotten since that short run of sleeping through the night Adelaide did between 2 1/2 and 4 months also plays into it a little. Whatever the reason is, I am certainly grateful for it. And if I am right, and it is the weather that has led to this delightful change in the ladies of the house, then I've just got one question.... when should I pack our stuff? Because I think a move to somewhere with moderate temperatures year-round sounds like just the ticket :) 

^^I think she has had more fun with this ball since it mysteriously turned up with a big hole in it yesterday... I think the first guy who should be questioned about his whereabouts when it happened is asleep on the back of the couch right now.... ahem, Bowser... ^^

This little girl.... man I love her like I've never loved anyone or anything before. Being a mom is definitely the hardest and greatest thing I've ever experienced. Ever.

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  1. Love these shots!! In the one with her hands up I can just hear a "hallelujah it's Spring!!" lol



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