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In case you haven't heard, I started a facebook page to try to start selling some baked goods! So far I've had a grand total of zero orders... ha! I'm actually kinda scared for it to start (assuming it ever does). It's one thing to think you're a decent baker and to make stuff for friends and family, it's a totally different thing to think/hope it's good enough to expect strangers (or otherwise) to pay for the stuff. 

I took a couple of pies up to the nurses at the hospital where Jordan's mom is, half as a thank you to them for taking such good care of her and half as a way to try to start promoting this baking thing... That was scary. Handing over something with my name and contact info on it. Not that anything will necessarily will come of it, but still, it's intimidating. 

Now I'm going to head in a totally different direction with this post, but I think it will come full circle by the end..... 

Staying home with Adelaide has been so up and down. As much as I appreciate the fact that I'm able to be a stay-at-home-mom and think it's the best thing for her (most of the time), it can be reeeeeally hard. Nothing like a crying, unhappy, inconsistent toddler to punch a hole straight through your confidence as a mom and make you wonder if you're really cut out for the SAHM thing. All too often I look back on our day and wonder, "What in the world did we do all day?" I had a long talk with my mom a couple of weeks ago about all this stuff, she really helped me to see that there are going to be days like that, and it's okay. I think I may be unfairly painting Adelaide in a bad light here, and she truly doesn't deserve that. Don't get me wrong, she can throw a good fit as good as the next toddler, but they don't usually last long or even occur that often. Can I get her halo back out now? 

I also feel like I have such a limited amount of time to explore my options outside of teaching. Now is the time for me to figure out if there's really anything else I can and/or want to do, but it's really hard to find the time to even think about that stuff, much less actually pursue anything.

Over and over I say things or type things that bring me back to the same conclusion: I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself. So far, nothing's changed. So I don't expect it will :)

So that's all. Just a little about what I've been thinking as of late. The overall tone of this post is coming off a little depressing, which wasn't at all my intention. 

It's Friday! Wahooooo! 

There, does that help even it out a bit? Have a great weekend guys!


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