Shirt: Gift, Sweater & Long Necklace: F21, Jeans: Target, Boots: Gift

Okay, it was my intention to keep Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman in the movies where she belongs with this outfit, but after uploading my first set of shots, I was worried that I may have done the exact opposite... so I added the jeans and did a couple more shots, but at that point Adelaide was up from her nap and yelling at me through the door, which resulted in me not checking that they were in focus, leading to somewhat blurry pics (which I tried to sharpen in iPhoto, which is a whole other issue) which I was not aware of until they were already uploaded. (I think that sentence may be in the running for some sort of run-on award.) So, while there may be time at some point later today for a third attempt, there is an equal chance that there will not. So, the somewhat blurry shot is what I'm going with. As is the version of this outfit which includes jeans, and thus, hopefully, ensures no Julia Roberts comparisons today. P.S. I realize now that I'm doing the same thing with my feet/legs in every picture, what can I say? Apparently that's what comes natural. Just gonna go with it, along with everything else.

3 1/2 Hours Later......

Good thing I wasn't counting on redoing any photos, because I ran out of time Adelaide ran out of patience as I was typing this post this morning, so here we are, afternoon, and I've yet to have been presented with enough time that attempt #3 would've been in the cards. I'll be lucky to finish the post now, because as I type Adelaide is jumping, grunting and having an all-around great time playing in her crib, rather than sleeping. I have absolutely no clue what kind of nap schedule she wants to follow these days. There's just been a whole heck of a lot of winging it around here lately. Not my strong suit. But what am I really trying to finish anyway? I'm just going on about a bunch of nothing, so maybe I'll just go ahead and call it quits on this one.

Just to add to the randomness, here's a picture one token got us at Chuck E. Cheese last weekend. Speaking of weekends, is today Friday? I'm honestly not sure if it is Thursday or Friday. I mean, I could find out incredibly easily, but I don't feel like closing this window or walking to the other room to hunt for my ever-lost phone. So I'll just abstain from any Friday or weekend wishes... I think it's Friday though. I'm like, 75% sure... oh the life of a stay-at-home-mom, eh? Not knowing what day of the week it is unless it is Wednesday, and thus story time at the library day.

Random, random, random....



 ^^ Obviously, all of these pictures were taken at the exact same time, so why the color in one is all weird and different from the other two, when they all match in iPhoto is beyond me. But I know from experience that re-uploading them does not fix whatever the issue is, therefore I'm not even going to try. vv
 Top: Marshall's, Jeans (which aren't neon-y blue in real life) & Belt: Target, Moccasins: Minnetonka (Bday gift from hubs several years ago)

It's the weather guys, I'm sure of it. The extra-huge doses of Vitamin D and fresh air has put both Adelaide and I in a particularly good mood for the past few days... downright chipper I would say. Maybe the fact that we've been getting more solid nights of sleep over the past week or so (I'd say a good 4 out of 7) than we've gotten since that short run of sleeping through the night Adelaide did between 2 1/2 and 4 months also plays into it a little. Whatever the reason is, I am certainly grateful for it. And if I am right, and it is the weather that has led to this delightful change in the ladies of the house, then I've just got one question.... when should I pack our stuff? Because I think a move to somewhere with moderate temperatures year-round sounds like just the ticket :) 

^^I think she has had more fun with this ball since it mysteriously turned up with a big hole in it yesterday... I think the first guy who should be questioned about his whereabouts when it happened is asleep on the back of the couch right now.... ahem, Bowser... ^^

This little girl.... man I love her like I've never loved anyone or anything before. Being a mom is definitely the hardest and greatest thing I've ever experienced. Ever.



Shall I start from the top? Selfies with mom (mouth full of apple); Playing? with Aunt Katy; Walkin at the hospital with It's Grandma and Dad; I'm gonna be really sad when she stops sleeping with that hiney in the air.... aaahhhhh-dorable; Takin' cuz-cuz for a ride on the quad; Aren't sleeping babies just the sweetest thing?; Yeeeee-ah bi-otch, I got this fire thang doooown... I would like to thank Les Stroud of Survivorman (one of our favorite shows... don'tcha just love Canadians?) for teaching me all the ins and outs of starting fires; "Good morning, good morning... you, slept, the whole night through...." (my mom's version of this song, which I now sing to Adelaide every morning, just like my mom did when I was little :) ; With the mouth full of apples again; Isn't running around with Mom's sweater on just the most fun in the world? ; Adelaide and Dad's favorite way to pass some time while hanging out at the hospital: selfie's; A house we found in Van Alstyne just a few days too late: Under Contract :(

Hope everyone had a good weekend! We had such a fun time on Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese for Everly's 3rd birthday. It was Adelaide's first trip there and the first one in many years for Jordan and me. Happy Birthday sweet girl, we loooove you!

And now for a video from my iPhone of Adelaide's favorite game (chase) with her best bud (fair warning, it may be the kind of thing that only parents actually think is cute and/or funny):

P.S. Adelaide wasn't hurt at the end :)



I just had to share, because this is only the second night I have spent at home alone in the last 16 months. It's kinda heavenly (no offense to Jordan and Adelaide, who are visiting with It's Grandma). I was going to go see a movie, but honestly, there's not a single thing showing right now that would be better than the peace and quiet and uninterrupted cleaning, organizing and whatever the heck I want time that I'm getting right now.



Dress & Sweater: F21, Socks: REI, Boots: JC Penny, Headband: Old

In case you haven't heard, I started a facebook page to try to start selling some baked goods! So far I've had a grand total of zero orders... ha! I'm actually kinda scared for it to start (assuming it ever does). It's one thing to think you're a decent baker and to make stuff for friends and family, it's a totally different thing to think/hope it's good enough to expect strangers (or otherwise) to pay for the stuff. 

I took a couple of pies up to the nurses at the hospital where Jordan's mom is, half as a thank you to them for taking such good care of her and half as a way to try to start promoting this baking thing... That was scary. Handing over something with my name and contact info on it. Not that anything will necessarily will come of it, but still, it's intimidating. 

Now I'm going to head in a totally different direction with this post, but I think it will come full circle by the end..... 

Staying home with Adelaide has been so up and down. As much as I appreciate the fact that I'm able to be a stay-at-home-mom and think it's the best thing for her (most of the time), it can be reeeeeally hard. Nothing like a crying, unhappy, inconsistent toddler to punch a hole straight through your confidence as a mom and make you wonder if you're really cut out for the SAHM thing. All too often I look back on our day and wonder, "What in the world did we do all day?" I had a long talk with my mom a couple of weeks ago about all this stuff, she really helped me to see that there are going to be days like that, and it's okay. I think I may be unfairly painting Adelaide in a bad light here, and she truly doesn't deserve that. Don't get me wrong, she can throw a good fit as good as the next toddler, but they don't usually last long or even occur that often. Can I get her halo back out now? 

I also feel like I have such a limited amount of time to explore my options outside of teaching. Now is the time for me to figure out if there's really anything else I can and/or want to do, but it's really hard to find the time to even think about that stuff, much less actually pursue anything.

Over and over I say things or type things that bring me back to the same conclusion: I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself. So far, nothing's changed. So I don't expect it will :)

So that's all. Just a little about what I've been thinking as of late. The overall tone of this post is coming off a little depressing, which wasn't at all my intention. 

It's Friday! Wahooooo! 

There, does that help even it out a bit? Have a great weekend guys!



^^Maybe this isn't technically a "good" photo with the bubbles, but I for one love it. So that makes it "good" in my book ;) ^^ 

^^ I am so bummed that didn't quite get this one in focus... it was almost so good. I know my mistake, it's the same one I've been making over, and over, and over and over, from the very first day I started shooting in manual & aperture priority: I always go low on the aperture, even when it's not necessary for the shot I'm going for... setting myself up for issues (in case you were in the mood for me to throw out some photography terms that make me sound like I know what I'm doing ;). ^^

So, I've been wanting to get a new camera. After catching up with an old friend who is now a photographer (In case you happen upon this, Wassup Joe Buck?) and getting some advice from him, I know which one I want to go with! Now all I have to do is come up with the money. As tempted as I am to just dip into savings and buy it, I know that over the last few years, that's been my problem. I want something, I have the money for it, so I buy it. Too fast. Sometimes regretting soon after. And not really appreciating it. 

There's a good MMM post on this, but I can't seem to find the exact post I'm looking for at the moment, so I'll try to sum it up for you as best I can from memory. Basically, you you want something, in this case, a new camera. So, you think it through, hopefully coming to the decision that you really don't need it, and that what you've already got will suffice... or you decide that yep, you do want it. Okay, so here's what you do: you research, research, research, to make sure that you know exactly what you want/what will best serve your needs, in my case: Nikon D3000 or Cannon 70D? Figure that out, then you research, research, research to make sure you will end up with the best deal possible. Then, you save, save, save. All that time spent working for the money and saving it up will hopefully make it become very clear to you exactly how much work and time it takes to get that money, and then make you much more mindful of spending that money. Maybe after working so hard/long to save enough money, I'll change my mind and decide that a new camera isn't worth it after all. Or if it does still seem worth all that work and saving, imagine how much more I will appreciate what I get. Right? Right.

Okay, I really wish now that I had a link to give you to MMM's explanation, I'm sure it was much better than that. Hopefully my explanation will at least make some sort of sense....

Now you may be wondering, how the heck do you plan on saving up money when you're not making any money? Good point my friend. I'm going to have to figure out a way to make money now aren't I? Remember my New Year's Goals? One of which was: Try to figure out a way to make money doing something I enjoy. Well, the Etsy shop has gone nowhere fast, which is kinda what I expected considering the amount of time and work I (didn't) put into it. But it's all good in the hood, I've got another plan in the works...

My brother-in-law is convinced that folks (in particular those who don't subscribe to a MMM lifestyle) would spend their hard earned cash on my chocolate chip pie. So rather than go into another long and rambly explanation here, I'll just sum it up with: I'm going to try to sell some baked goods. I'll share more once I actually get that ball rolling. But yeah, to sum up my plan, save up hundreds of dollars for a new camera, one pie at a time :) Could be interesting...

P.S. Here's a MMM post that talks about something kinda, sorta similar if you're interested. At least it's the post that would hopefully talk you out of your purchase :)

Toodles friends!



Sweater: Jordan's, Skirt: H&M, Fleece lined Leggings & Watch (bummer story on the watch I'll have to share sometime): Xmas Gift, 
Shoes: Target 

And maaaaybe it was a little longer in the back and maaaaybe I recruited Jordan to even it up a little and maaaaybe he got a little scissor happy and actually just made it crooked and maaaaybe I tried to fix it but just ended up just leaving it that way for fear of making it worse... maaaaybe it's so bad that anyone in the beauty industry would keel over from just being in the same room. And maaaaybe I don't even care if it is... maybe I actually loooooove it, crooked or not. Maybe it's just what I needed.

It's kinda funny that I feel so different and refreshed with the change and yet Jordan doesn't even think it looks any different. Yep, he's a typical man like that. If I hadn't actually had him take the scissors to my hair himself, he probably wouldn't even believe I had cut it at all.

Okay guys, I'm going go soak up some sun (if Adelaide takes a nap, that's certainly no guarantee)... no Sheryl Crow reference intended. I kinda completely hate Sheryl Crow's music. Like even one second of one of her songs makes me cringe, I can't get it off fast enough, through and through hate. I'm sure she herself is just as lovely as can be. And really, if someone told me that I could have millions of dollars for singing some annoying overly poppy song, I would... but I digress. Don't I always though? That's kinda all I do. And you love it, dontcha?

Ahhhhhh.... I couldn't resist those rays peeking through... it's like the happiest thing in the world to close your eyes and let the warm sun just wash right over you... 
And how quickly it just evaporates right away when you are snapped out of your reverie so fast you have mental whiplash courtesy of the loudest crier in the world (Adelaide Louise Glowicki, I'm talking about you little miss thang ;)

Now, just in case I inadvertently got a really annoying song stuck in your head, here, here and here are a few of my current fav's, feel free to choose a replacement :)



Tank & Plaid: Old Navy, Chambray & Shoes: Target, Jeans: F21, Sweet Snake Necklace (new!): $1 Jewelry Galore

Yep, there was frost on the ground this morning when I took these pictures (in the 20's overnight). Yep, I was faaa-reeeeeee-zing. So why did I dress like that then, you might ask? Well, because it's sunny(ish) today and it's actually going to be in the 50's again! And we are eating it up after depressing day after depressing day of cold and cloudy. A little sun sure does wonders for my psyche. And Adelaide? Well lets just say that she could be in the middle of the fit to top all fits, and you take her outside and all is right with the world once again. She is definitely a girl after our hearts like that. 

And even better than today's forecast is the weekend and early next week forecast... did somebody say upper 60's for Monday??? (I'm warning you Evan Andrews, you put it up on the TV for all the world to see, don't even think about dropping it one measly degree or I just might have to hunt you down like the sun-starved person that I currently am!) I am so beyond ready to break in my new bike already! Isn't it funny how warm 50 degrees can feel after it's been in the 30's and 40's, and how cold it can feel after it's been in the 80's? Bet yall were really missing all my weather talk weren't ya?

On a totally different note, I've worn my bangs back for a couple days, and had just about decided I was done with them and out they were going to grow. Then I remembered one big reason why I like them.... I have pale, see through-ish skin and I hate the crazy showy veins in my temples. Anyone else have that problem? Now I'm rethinking my decision to kick the bangs to the curb. But I've gotta do something... I'm am so booooored with my hair. Who knows, maybe Monday I'll debut self hacked cut hair... Depends on how much down time I find myself with. I think I may lean toward hoping I don't have anything new to share in that arena... I can only imagine how that could end up!

Happy Friday!

P.S. Remember these shoes from my fall wish list? Well I found them on clearance for 50% off at Target last weekend. 12 bucks guys! Still full price online though, so I'd suggest you hit your local Target if you're interested.



 ^^ Is it just me, or does it look like I had a wad of chewing tobacco in my mouth in those top two pics? I didn't. In case you were wondering. ^^

Skirt & Cardigan: F21, Shirt: Ross, Boots: Target

This is one of my old teacher outfits, meaning I haven't worn this skirt in almost a year. So, my new system is already working for me, reminding me of things that have been squished to the side and forgotten about. 

Man, my hair... ick. It's driving me nuts, but I'm not about to go drop $75 on a good haircut (MMM wouldn't approve), nor am I going to waste $15 on a terrible haircut, so instead I'll just look in the mirror and go, eeeuuuggghhh, and then put on a hat... Actually, I had the scissors out, open and up to my hair yesterday, when I thought better of it. But I can't imagine I will continue thinking better for much longer... may make for an interesting post one day soon!

I think mentioned a few posts ago that I'm already getting bitten by the spring cleaning bug, even though it's no where near spring yet. So maybe it's actually the new year bug that's making me want to spruce up, clean up and declutter? Come to think of it, I think I just carry the declutter bug around in my pocket year-round. I am constantly trying to "get rid of crap". The fullness of every square inch of our house leaves me in a constant state of frustration. For a long time I felt like the problem was that our house was just too small. While 1200 square feet is huge for some, (I can't imagine how people get by with those teeny NYC apartments!) in "everything's bigger" Texas, 1200 square feet is about as small as they come in the area where we live. 

But really, as much as I might wish we had more space sometimes, we don't need it. All more space would do is encourage the acquisition of more crap that we don't need. Our problem isn't too little space, it's too much stuff. A problem that has quadrupled since Adelaide's took up residence.

So, yes, we do have a lot of stuff. But we don't have a lot of stuff that we don't use. Problem is, we have a lot of stuff that we rarely use. Like, once or twice a year. Some of it we used a lot more b.a. (before Adelaide), like tons of camping gear. Some of it we've only ever used very sparsely, like at least half of the stuff in the kitchen and rock climbing gear. I don't know where to go with that stuff. The last thing I want to do is get rid of something that I'm just going to want or need to replace at some point in the future. "We've already got it, so we might as well keep it, just in case (that's Jordan's argument for all of his stuff). But it drives me crazy to see valuable space being occupied by things that haven't left that spot in months, or even years. So, that's where I stand. Being frustrated and very motivated to solve the problem, but having no solution, and therefore the problem just persists. Anyone have any suggestions??

Now, who wants to see embarrassing pictures of a couple of our overfilled storage spaces?

Our pie safe which mostly contains my extensive collection of baking supplies and serving dishes that usually only emerge for Thanksgiving, along with lots of random odds and ends that have no home:
^^That top shelf used to be filled with cookbooks until I unloaded 3/4 of them a few years ago, so that is a huge improvement. A couple of old disposable cameras that found a few years ago, and still haven't taken to get developed... there could be some real gems on there, who knows? Do you see how stuff is just stacked and haphazardly squished onto the shelves? It's terrible! And don't even get me started on the process of actually getting something out when I need it... ^^

^^ I am honestly waiting for the day when one of those "antique" shelves breaks and an avalanche of porcelain bursts through the doors. Also, don't you just love the random toys that collect underneath? I know I do ;) ^^

^^ The hall closet... puzzles and games that have been touched maybe twice over the past 10 years... all kinds of decorative odds and ends that rotate through the house seasonally. I'd say at least half of it could disappear and it would never be thought of again. Question is, which half? ^^

I just love how blogging means sharing stories and pictures that I wouldn't have been caught dead sharing before I had a blog! ;)

Suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated!



 ^^ Nantucket Bike Basket, contents and balloon: Gift from Jordan :) ^^
^^ Look at that old man photobombing me ^^ 

Dress: Target, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Sears

So, I'm feeling a little bit torn on this blog post today. I can do it one of two ways... I can spin a story to make it seem like I had this amazing birthday weekend that topped all those prior, or I can tell the truth. In my effort to use this blog as a place to focus on the positive and be grateful, I may make my life seem perfect. Like it's all sunshine and smiles and fun 24/7. That's how most blogs are, aren't they? I'm guilty of coveting the life of Naomi and Sydney at least weekly, even though I know they are just normal people with normal life and normal problems, just like me.

So, here it is. The truth. 

Jordan worked all weekend. Saturday from before Adelaide was up until around 4. Sunday, from before Adelaide was up until around 6. Justin, Katy and Hadley (BIL, SIL & niece) met Adelaide and I for donuts (if you follow my Instagram, you saw a picture). Adelaide wouldn't take her morning nap, and ultimately only napped for about an hour in the afternoon. You can probably imagine how that wound up. I listened to quite a bit of crying screaming, and had a fit throwing toddler follow me around the house more than once. 

In the name of being completely honest, I'll keep going. I had a party yesterday; I threw myself a great big ole pity party. I have a lot of great people in my life who I love, but pretty much since the first day I met Jordan, he's the person who I always want to spend my time with. That's how it's supposed to work, right? You have to find someone who you love enough to make leaving your family bearable. So anyway, I was feeling really sorry for myself because he wasn't there. I'm not proud to admit it, but I wasn't acting like a thirty year old, I was acting like a pouty thirteen year old. 

While I was in the throes of feeling sorry for myself, I got news that someone in our family was in the hospital (don't worry, we're on top of it, and it's going to be fine). But, it made my wallowing seem incredibly petty and immature. 

It's so easy to see the surface of someone else's life. To get caught up in the stories they choose to share. But underneath all of those pretty pictures and carefully thought out stories is a real person, with a real life. And no real life is perfect.



Sweater & Socks: Jordan's (the sweater might actually belong to his brother Josh?), Hat, Jeans & Boots: F21, Scarf & Watch: Gifts

I came across a really cool blog a couple of days ago called A Beautiful Mess. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before, but for whatever reason it didn't grab my attention like it did this time. Anyway, there's a lot of really cool DIY's and different ideas. I've currently got like 8 tabs open on my ipad from that site of things I want to pin. The sucky part about all of those cool DIY's is that they all require materials that I don't already have, all of which cost money. So while they'd be really fun to do, I have to ask myself WWMMMD? (What would mister money mustache do?) Well, he would probably find a different hobby that didn't cost money. So, while those projects would be fun to do, they would ultimately require me to spend money to make something that we really didn't need in the first place. 

But, I did come across this idea that won't cost me a penny, which I plan to implement in my and Adelaide's closet. So, what you do is tie a ribbon or some other kind of divider on your closet rack, and each time to wear something, you put it back in your closet on the opposite side of the divider so you can keep track of what you have and haven't worn recently. The goal is to figure out what you're not wearing so you can either make a point to wear it if you like it, or get rid of it. Well, that will be the point for my closet. For Adelaide's closet, it's just so I can make sure I am rotating through everything. Here's a pic of  how it looks in Adelaide's closet:

Alrighty, that's all I've got for today. Hope you all have a great Nikki's birthday weekend! ;)


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