Sweater, Leggings & Boots: F21, Tunic: H&M

I don't know if it's writer's block, or that I just truly have nothing of value to say lately. I've been having a really hard time coming up with anything write, much less, something even mildly interesting... time to hunt back through The Daybook's archives for inspiration I guess. She always seems to have an interesting or funny story to share.

I would share with you all of the mishaps that have been going on, possibly due to mom brain? But I think my mom brain has gone and forgotten all of it for self preservation purposes. Suffice it to say that my mouth rarely says what my brain is thinking (ex: "Do you like this car?" When I really mean, "Do you like this song?" Guess since we were in the car at that moment, my mouth decided that that fact should trump everything else), I constantly forget what I am doing right in the middle of doing it and I lose

I think I probably already had more "dumb blonde" moments than any non-blonde should have before Adelaide was born. Now it's just bordering on pathetic!


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