First step, move the cozy coup...

Bike next...

(Nice bike, huh?)

And finally, I'm ready.
Sweater & Necklace: F21, Pants & Boots: Target, Tank: Random Mall Store, Leg Warmers: Gift

This is why it becomes difficult to squeeze in an outfit post daily. Because not only do I actually have to get dressed, but then I have to move sometimes multiple things out of the way just to have a place to take a picture. That coupled with the fact that there are only a couple of shaded places where I can angle the camera in such a way that it doesn't catch the other half dozen toys or work related vehicles and supplies in the background. And none of that is counting the time it takes this amateur to get the camera settings right, upload and edit the pictures and then upload said pictures here and come up with something moderately interesting to write about... or just something ;). See, you thought this was easy didn't you? Well I'm here to  tell you it's not! Or, if it is easy, it's at least not quick! Hahaha... (I felt like I needed a laugh there. So that's what that's about.)

I'll be back on Friday probably to share those New Year's "Goals" I was talking about on Monday. Although I'm kind of in the mood to go into it now, I know I'm on borrowed time as I irresponsibly let Adelaide play a game on my iPad while I'm typing. So really, even if the iPad gave me the time, I would probably have my Mom of the Year award revoked for allowing that to carry on. And we can't have that now, can we?

One more quick note: I've had a few old friends comment about my blog on facebook! Thanks so much guys! It's awesome to know that there are actually a few people reading, and maybe even enjoying my blog! I do it because I really enjoy it, but it is infinitely more rewarding knowing that  a few people are actually reading and looking at the stuff I spend so much of my time on! And it makes it a lot easier to put it out there and feel proud, rather than just incredibly self-conscious about it :) Thanks for reading and for the comments!


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