^^Oh, red velvet cinnamon rolls, I looooove you so!^^ 

^^You really can't ask for a better picture than this of two 1 year olds.^^ 

^^Scaling gift mountain^^ 

^^FOUR generations of Glowicki's (can you believe we got both of the girls smiling {at least sort of}?!?!)^^ 

 ^^Ignore the sad state of mine and Jordan's hair and focus on Adelaide's sweet smile!^^

Well, our Christmas was a success. Adelaide loved the (free!) kitchen we found for her, as well as the many, many other things she ended up with over the holiday. She and her cousin Hadley enjoyed a game of feed the baby (baby being Adelaide), and GG (Great-grandma) got lots of time with the girls. I got a brand-spanking-new bike with a bell! 

Now, Christmas was great and all, and if given the choice to extend the season, I probably would, but since that's not happening, I must admit, I am somewhat relieved to have it past. I am already looking forward to next year, but I am also feeling so much calmer and relaxed and rejuvenated now that the house is back to normal and our schedule is much more open (room for plenty of nothing for a while I hope!).

This year is the first time that I think I finally understand the desire to make new year's resolutions. In the past, I think New Year's day was just another day, and the desire to make resolutions never really hit me... I made them sometimes, but not really because I wanted to, but just because that's what people did. But this year, I'm feeling it. Now that Christmas is over, I feel refreshed and optimistic; like Spring is just around the corner (which is tragically far from the truth). I feel excited about the new year, like it's a fresh start, and I feel like it's gonna be a good one. I want to make positive changes and goals. I'm going to call mine New Year's Goals though, because for no real reason that I can explain, that just seems like a better fit to me. Something more ongoing, that I will work toward a little at a time. Resolution just seems so much more immediate, and I'm not interested in trying to force hasty changes in my life or in myself, and that's what I think of when I think of a "resolution". So, yeah... feel free to jump aboard the New Year's Goals bandwagon with me ;)

I'll go more into my New Year's Goals another day, but I'll share one now, since it is relevant: I'm going to cut back a little on blogging to 3 days a week, which was my original goal... I'm not sure when I started expecting myself to post 4-5 times a week. Adelaide seems to be ready to drop her morning nap, and even with that 30 minutes in the morning, I was having a hard time keeping up with everything. So now that that morning break seems to be gone for good, I'm going to try to make the transition a little easier on myself by reducing my blog to-do list (and filling that spot right back in... more on that to come).

Well, I hope everyone else had a magical, happy and fun holiday... let's do it again next year!


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