Tee, Jeans, Boots & Hat: F21, Denim Button-up: Urban Outfitters

I currently have five pairs of the 7-10 dollar jeans from Forever 21 in my closet and a couple more pairs that have been retired or cut off. Every time I wear a pair of those jeans, I spend an inordinate amount of time in one of two ways. 1) Hiking them up where they belong over and over, because the waist stretches out until they are 2-3 inches too big (or maybe it just starts that way?), while thigh remains tight resulting in them being dragged down constantly (and I hate the feeling of saggy jeans), or 2) Trying to smooth out the unflattering puckers (see above) caused by cinching them in at the waist with a belt, which also leads to discomfort from the scratchy labels rubbing on my back and a big lump under my shirt from the belt buckle (which I also hate).

Why do I keep buying them you might ask? Because I'm cheap. I think I may've said before that when it comes to clothes, I tend to go for quantity over quality. Plus, I'm never down with paying a lot for things that I figure I won't like much after a year or two anyway. But I think I'm gonna have to draw the line when it comes to jeans. For the price of those five pairs of jeans that I really kinda hate, I could've bought two nice pairs (that don't sag and bag and drive me nuts all day long) that I actually like from Clothes Mentor (resale store). And if I actually liked them, maybe I wouldn't be sick of them after a year or two.

Brand recommendations anyone? I'm not headed out to buy anything right now (Mr. Money Mustache wouldn't approve), but I'll certainly store away any suggestions for future use!

^^This caught my eye when I was out in our back yard. Such vibrant red and green! Perfectly Christmassy if you ask me.^^


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