^^It's kinda like wearing a blanket. And what could possibly be bad about that??^^

Hat, Sweater & Dress: F21, Boots: Target

Two things: 1) I have no clue why the color is weird in my pictures. They all look fine in iPhoto. I even tried to re-upload them yesterday (keep reading), but they still looked weird, which leads me to 2) This post is actually from yesterday. I had it all done and ready to go, but then the color in the pics was off, so I tried to redo it and went about my business while I waited for the upload, and never came back. That's why I'm just leaving it how it is, otherwise, I'll probably walk off and forget again. I actually just sat down to work on my post for today, when I saw my unfinished post from yesterday still sitting here (add that to the list of why yesterday was "one of those days")... Yep. That's about the story of my life these days. It's funny really. Or pathetic. But I choose to laugh, cause whatever. So, here's the post I wrote yesterday:

I would already put myself into the slightly clumsy category on a normal day. So, when I say that I woke up on the clumsy side of the bed, it's bad. This morning between 5:30 and 6:30, I swear I was on a mission to wake Adelaide up with at least three different loud-noise producing klutzy acts, which miraculously didn't wake her. But, never fear, number four finally did the trick. At least it was almost 6:45 at that point, and she was probably waking up anyway (oooor, that's what I'm going to tell myself to soften the blow).  


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