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I don't know about anyone else, but for me, buying Christmas gifts has (or had, until this year) become all about being certain that I was giving something that the person wanted and/or of equal value to what I would recieve from them. For years I have found myself asking people close to who I was buying for, "What does _____ want?" or "Do you have any ideas for _____?" It was like the old way of choosing gifts, of just shopping around and until you found something that was like, "Oh this! I think so and so would really like this!" was not even an option for some reason. 

I feel like over the past few years, so often all of the thought was taken out of choosing gifts, and it was replaced with stress and detective work. I felt like I had to find something that each person already wanted, rather than me choosing something I thought they would like, and that I had to spend this specific amount on each person. One thing is only worth $__? So I need to find something else to go with it worth $__ so that together it equals whatever set amount I had in my mind. So dumb! There really wasn't any fun in it, or even any surprise a lot of the time. And all too often I would revert to the gift card, so they could just go buy whatever they wanted.

Now, I'm not against gift cards by any means. As a person who is addicted enjoys shopping, I can totally see that there is a place for them. Choosing to give a "shopper" a gift card, so that they could enjoy the experience of shopping, actually does show a lot of thought. I just hate when I've reverted to gift cards in the past, instead of really thinking about the person and finding something I believed they would like. You know what else I really hate about gift cards? The fact that how much you spent is, like, right there in your face, front and center, all that really matters. I always feel like I am saying, here, you're worth $__ to me.

So far this year, I have bought a couple of gifts that were purchased based entirely on what I thought that person would like. And man, it was so much more fun to buy those things and I am so much more excited to give those gifts! I'm not done with all of my shopping yet, and I already sent a few "What does ______ want?" texts... but come to think of it, I actually got that person something I found on my own, not something suggested by someone else. 

So, my goal for my remaining shopping is to shop from the heart. Wander around until I see something that I think each person would like. Like the old saying goes, it's the thought that counts. And I intend to put real thought into it this year, and enjoy it!

Only 13 more days until Christmas! Enjoy it!


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