Sweater, Tee, Jeans & Shoes: F21, Belt: Target, Scarf: Gift

We have stuff. Piles and piles of stuff. On every flat surface, stuff. It seemed to start getting that way before Thanksgiving. Cans of chicken broth that wouldn't fit in the pantry, plates and utensils, all sitting out on the counter top, just waiting for the big day. Since then, extra boxes and gift wrapping supplies, decorations that never quite found their spot. And as always, mail. On the table, on the bar, covering Jordan's desk. We've never had a good solution for where to put the mail.  

I have gotten myself in a better and more relaxed place when it comes to my own expectations of what I need to get get done daily. Letting the unimportant things slide, letting the house become somewhat untidy a huge mess. But now, I think it's gotten a little out of hand. I've been having trouble finding time to do my blogging and do the housework over the past couple of months, as Adelaide's naps have been getting shorter and shorter.  I've been putting priority on blogging, because I enjoy it, and it's my time to do something for me. I think that's important, but now that our house just looks like one big pile of clutter, I think I better do something about it. But I'm really not all that concerned about it actually. The busyness of the holidays will pass, and so will will the mess that comes along with it. And things will get back to the status quo... or they won't. Either way, I'm just gonna roll with it :)

7 days until Christmas! Can you believe it?!?!

P.S. These pictures are actually a couple of days old. Today is a dreary, gray and chilly day, and we have nothing in particular to do, so I decided to dress like it. Maybe later I'll get around to taking a picture to share with you of what cozy looks like ;)


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