Hat, Shirt, Sweater & Jeans: F21, Boots: Gift from Mom, Low quality pictures courtesy of the crappy kit lens I was too lazy to change

Tomorrow is my absolute favorite day of the holiday season. Part of me can't wait for it to get here, and part of me hopes today is nice and slow, because I'm not quite ready for it to be over. And you know, the sooner it gets here, the sooner it's over and all that. I'm definitely one who likes to delay gratification, but only when I know the gratification is close and when I am in control of it. ;) It's the anticipation and build-up that I enjoy the most. 

Also, sorry if this hat is wearing out its welcome on the blog these days. In truth, today is the first day I actually plan on wearing it. Normally it's quickly discarded because it's too warm, or Adelaide insists on wearing it herself and then hitting me in the face with it as she tries to put it back on my head, and then it goes away in order to prevent a game of on-off-on-off that would last as long as the hat and I were in her presence. But today, this hat is the only thing standing between me and the gloomy rainy day that will send me straight to frizz-central. Hopefully Adelaide will understand the crucial role it is playing today.

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve and good luck if you have any last minute shopping to get done. Adelaide and I are headed out in search of junk treasures for Santa to stuff stockings with ;)


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