^^ It's definitely not 77 degrees yet! ^^ 

Shirt, Shorts & Necklaces: F21, Denim: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Target, Socks: Old

Well guys, winter seems to be upon us, despite the fact that fall has only barely begun and the actual start of winter is still over a month away. So, in honor of what is forecasted to be a 77 degree day, I decided to go with shorts. One last hurrah you might say. However, it was anything but warm this morning when I went out to do these pics, so I just froze my little rear off.

Also, how cool is it that it may actually be becoming some sort of fashion statement to tie a shirt around your waist again (90's grunge anyone)? I've been doing it as long as I can remember, because it is the most practical thing since {insert the most practical thing you can think of here, cuz I'm drawing a blank, and out of time}. Of course, what you actually choose to tie around your waist may have some impact on the level of fashion-forwardness, which has never actually been a consideration for me. But I think the denim could definitely pass as an intentional fashion choice, so I'm just gonna pretend it was. Don't tell anyone otherwise, okay? Okay.


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