Sorry I'm so late with this post and for the lack of photos! Yes, it was "date day" and I was planning to wear something special in honor of it, but we rushed out this morning for a crepe breakfast (thanks to a Groupon that I bought months ago that was about to expire). In my hurry to get dressed, the lure of the brown riding boots and cozy sweater was more than I could resist. So, it was nothing special and when we got home from breakfast, I filled Adelaide's nap time with Thanksgiving preparations. So, even if I had had time to spruce up the outfit, I didn't have time to takes pics or even get to the post until now. I would've just skipped today, but 4 days worth of sharing things I'm thankful for is already so few. So here it is...

Today I'm thankful for having two families that come together for Thanksgiving every year. This will be probably our 5th or 6th year to host Thanksgiving for both of our families. Every year I am so grateful to fill our house with both  of our families in one big group. It's crowded and the preparations for such a big meal are hectic, but I look forward to it and love it every year!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


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