We had such a great time on Halloween! First of all, Jordan let me make him an egg (do you think he realizes that by agreeing to it this year, he will now be expected to cooperate every year from here on out? :) It wasn't until about an hour before we left the house that it happened... I think that once he saw exactly how much fun I was having running around the house like a lunatic egg, he got overtaken by the spirit of Halloween as well. We went to Jordan's brother's neighborhood for trick-or-treating with Adelaide's cousin Hadley. They live in a typical neighborhood, houses that are close together, sidewalks (all the stuff we don't have), so we got to do real, house to house trick-or-treating. 

As much fun as we had this year, I can only imagine how cool it will be once Adelaide actually knows what Halloween is all about and can get excited about it too. I'd say that Adelaide getting older is the epitome of bittersweet.

Hope everyone else had a fantastic night! I'd love to hear about yall's Halloween and costumes, share in the comments if you'd like!


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