Yarn Chandelier

Awww, I just saw that I misspelled Chandelier in the above photo. That really sucks, cause I'd have to redo that entire thing to fix it, which would take up Adelaide's whole nap, leaving me no time to do an actual post, and ain't nobody got time for that. So, moving on...

We got that chandelier several years ago from Ikea. It's pretty generic, but it was super cheap and better than whatever light we had, so, done. Well, a few weeks ago I had the bug to do some DIY'ing, and since I am still no closer to tackling our office/craft room, I thought I might go for that boring fixture. I came across this old post on The Daybook for a yarn wrapped light giveaway, and I figured, why not try to do that our plain jane chandelier? I already had the taupe-y colored yarn, bought the yellow with a coupon from michaels for less than $5, so I really wouldn't have had much invested if it didn't turn out so well. But, I actually love it, so I thought I'd share.

I't super easy and a good arm workout, but beware, it is kind of time consuming. It took me a couple of days of working on it sporadically to get it done. It's pretty straightforward, but I'll break it down for ya a little anyway.

So, to start, lie the end of your yarn along the arm, parallel to it I guess, and then start wrapping around the arm to cover it. This will keep the end of the yarn in place, so you don't have to  mess with glue.  You could just glue it at the start here, like you will at the end, but this holds it better I think.

When you get to the place where you want to start your second color (if you choose to do two like me), just lie both ends out like you did at the top, and start wrapping your second color around both loose ends to keep them in place. Like so:

When you get to the end, just cut the yarn off and put a little dab of glue (all-purpose, hot glue, whatever you've got), and repeat on all arms.

You could do this in any variation. Lots of colors, one color, whatever. It's a super easy and cheap way to update a boring light fixture that is totally removable any any point should you get sick of it. 

I love how it turned out. And I'm also loving how much brighter and cleaner it looks now without the old shades. 

One more before and after:

So, all you need is your yarn (however many colors you choose to use) scissors, glue and incredible arm stamina :) And if you choose to call that your workout for the day, you won't get any arguments from me!


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