Sweater & Jeans: Target, Shoes: Toms

Nothing special on the outfit front today, but I have had the best hair days (in my opinion) I've had in a loooong time today and yesterday, so I had to get evidence of it. I am always trying for messy hair a la Carrie Bradshaw, but rarely achieve it. The good and bad part about this hair is that I pretty much woke up with it looking like this yesterday... About 3 minutes for the bangs and taming a couple crazy hairs and poof! Good because with very minimal effort, I ended up with hair that I loooove. Bad, because it's kinda hard to recreate something that just happened on its own. Oh well... 2 days is better than none!

Now I think I just need to convince Jordan that we really need to take our Christmas card picture today, before I have a wash my hair and am incapable of creating a hairstyle that I really like for weeks.

And now for something I'm thankful for.... Adelaide's outgoing and extremely social personality. She must get it from Jordan, because I tend to be shy and reserved. I've never been much good at making friends. Adelaide, however, makes friends everywhere she goes. Waves at everyone and gets excited about every single kid she sees. The biggest concern I had about staying home with her was that she wouldn't know how to interact with other kids, but she has clearly proven that she is great with other kids, whether she spends every day with them or not. I am so thankful for her ability to transition seamlessly from being alone with me to interacting with other kids.

2 days 'til Thanksgiving!!


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