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Soooo, Jordan and I have decided to make a major lifestyle change upon learning of Mr. Money Mustache. A friend of Jordan's told him about this site during a discussion about investing. The goal: early retirement. As in 7-10 years in our case. A lofty goal, but the goal nonetheless. 

Here's how it works in a nutshell: Eliminate as much wasteful, unnecessary and frivolous spending as possible. Learn to live on as little money as possible, thereby maximizing money saved, and then smartly invest savings. 

It's an entire lifestyle change really. It's not about deprivation, so much as it is about appreciating things like time with family and only having to work as much as you choose. How much you have to work is a direct reflection of how much you choose to spend.

The cutting out on wasteful spending part is going to make this whole thing easy and hard for us. As it is, we don't live an extravagant lifestyle. Due in large part to Jordan (Mr. Responsible-Realistic-Hard Worker), we've been able to keep our debt to a minimum and really work at living within our means. That's good, because we don't have a lot of waste as it is. That's bad, because we don't have a lot that we can cut out. 

To start we're going to: 

#1 Cut back on eating out. That's probably our main unnecessary expenditure, eating out probably three times a week on average. We're going to try to only go out when we have gift cards, and if we go out any other times, keep it as affordable as possible, i.e. Little Caesar's ;)

#2 It's gotta be clothes for me. That's my biggest downfall. Luckily, we've got family that loves to buy for Adelaide (I even get to pick out things to be bought for her). She's always got more than she needs, so I have to accept that I really don't need to put much, if any, extra money into Adelaide's closet (tears threaten to fall as I type that... oh Baby Gap, I will miss you so). And of course, it's not just Adelaide's closet. I do a style blog, so clearly shopping for myself also accounts for a decent bit of money. Forever 21... I'll be seein' ya. 

We're having a really hard time saying goodbye to our 250 or so channels, even though we only watch about 1/10th of them. Don't you just hate the way they package certain channels so that you have no choice but to buy the ridiculously huge TV package when you only really want 2 channels (Science & DIY)? Shiesters. So, we haven't pulled the plug on that yet, but I'm already wondering if Rehab Addict & Survivor Man (and a few sports stations for Jordan) are really worth all that money we're flushing down the toilet each month.

We've been of this mindset for just a couple of weeks, but so far it's going over like gangbusters. Having a goal in mind helps dampen the sting from the lack of post-shopping endorphins for me I guess. 

Okay, this post has already gotten out of hand long, so I'll stop here. And I'll keep you posted on our progress, since I know our monetary budgeting is riveting content.

This may be a game changer when it comes to my personal style...

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  1. I know you two will do great ! Most responsible people I know and if you set your minds to it...It will happen !



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