Shirt: Ross, Jeans & Jewelry: Forever 21, Shoes: Dansko via, Turband: Made by me!

I bet you're wondering what in the heck I'm talking about in that title, aren't ya? Do you wanna know? Want me to tell you? Huuuuuh??

Okay, that's probably too much build up. Headbands. I'm talking about headbands. See, I've got this round, Charlie Brown-esque head. Always have. And you know all those cute circle/loop/infinity/whateveryoucallem headbands? They've always just popped right off the back of my head. They might stay in place for, oh, let's say 5 minutes... but eventually they all go the same route, right off the back. Especially annoying when you're wearing it for functionality, reeeeally counting on it to contain some crazy hairs, and off it goes. Of course, I learned my lesson many moons ago, so I never put much responsibility on their shoulders (on the very rare occasion that I even put one on). 

But, one night when I was perusing Pinterest, looking at all the cute turbands and other hair accessories that I cannot wear, I came across this tutorial, demonstrating how an old shirt can be turned into a turband, like lickety-split, no sewing required. And I just so happened to have an old favorite shirt of my in my scrap fabric bin (because H&M shirts shriiiiink sooo bad, and I can no longer wear said favorite shirt), so with a quick snip-snip, I had my very own turband. 

I was initially going to sing its praises, "Finally, a headband that doesn't pop right off my incredibly round head!" But that was before I ventured out, only to find that it does in fact pop off, just more slowly than others. And like many times before I found myself in a public place, trying to readjust it without anyone noticing and without a mirror... but everyone who's ever worn a headband knows that when you just try to push it back forward, it shoves all that hair out the front, so you try to lift it up and squish the hair back under, but that pulls the headband up in the back... Oh, that's just me with the round head who has that problem? Never mind. 

Oh well. It was still an improvement I suppose. And a very cool tutorial for those who don't suffer from my particular ailment.


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