So glad a friend of ours (who just so happens to be a photographer) snagged these 2 pics! They're my absolute favs and that's the only picture of the food table. I was really falling down on my job with taking pictures that day!

 Love the Grady photo-bomb!

I knew it was going to happen, but Adelaide just loves Bowser so much, the day wouldn't have been complete without her getting to share with him. Some people may be disgusted by this, but what can I say? We're dog people, through and through.

This is the last you'll hear about Adelaide's birthday, I promise probably. We had her pumpkin party last Saturday, and it was great! Lots of family, friends and fun (I thought so, at least... of course I may be a tad biased considering I was behind the whole thing). There were tons of snacks and games: corn hole (made by me and Jordan, woot woot!), pumpkin bowling and a pumpkin ring toss. Of course, I have no pictures of any of the games, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm good for it. Promise. But, I think the best entertainment at the party was the Ural rides. This is the Ural (for those who aren't yet in the know):

So yeah, it was a great time. I will say though, that as much as I enjoyed all of the planning and the preparations, I definitely breathed a sigh of relief once it was all done and we were able to return back to life as usual. Except for the fact that my craft area is even more of a disaster area now than it was before, thanks to the myriad party decorations, supplies, etc covering every square inch of my table and stacked about 3 layers tall. Wonder how much longer I can get by with the ear plugging and "la, la, la"ing?


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