The weather turned cooler as promised (50's Saturday morning?!?!) and it was great. I'd say it was the best weekend we've had in a year. What is it about the weather that's so powerful?

We started it off by soaking up the crisp morning  relaxing in the adirondack with a sweet hat (Adelaide) and sipping coffee (me and Jordan), had a dutch baby pancake for breakfast (thank you Martha Bakes on PBS) and opening windows in the house. It would be really hard for me to rank my favorite "fall things", but opening the windows, especially at night, would definitely be at the top of the list.

We found pumpkins at Whole Foods and the one empty spot was just begging to be made a photo op. Of course we didn't buy one because there was no price posted. And only a fool would buy anything from Whole Foods without knowing the price before hand. A fool or a millionaire. I always wonder what those people who have their carts full, who clearly do the majority of their grocery shopping at Whole Foods do for a living. Apple CEO? Whole Foods Exec? Anyway, that's neither here nor there. (Thought I'd throw that in for some good Texas flair.)

We finished off the day at the Celina Balloon Festival which consisted of a petting zoo, a carousel ride, corn dogs and funnel cakes (oooooh the funnel cake... is there anything more delicious?), and "glowing" hot air balloons with my brother and sister-in-law and their daughter. I'd say it was the most fun thing we've done with Adelaide yet. I'm so glad that she's finally getting old enough for us to not only be able to take her to these kinds of things, but for her to actually enjoy it too!

We rounded off the weekend on Sunday with Adelaide's very first bike ride in her new seat and helmet. I was very pleasantly surprised by her relatively few attempts to get her helmet off. Just gotta keep movin'.

Great weather, great weekend, great memories. Now if that cooler weather could just stick around instead of being replaced with humid 80 degree days that hate my hair after only 2 short days, that'd be just great.


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