Shirt: Busted Tees, Skirt, Belt & Shoes: Forever 21, Bad Hair: c/o Texas humidity

First, two things about these pictures:
1. My hair and I are not on speaking terms these days. I don't know if that horrible haircut I got somehow made my hair more susceptible to humidity or if the humidity just has it out for me over the past few days, but it's a sad, sad state of affairs around here with the hair lately. Down... up... doesn't matter. It's devious and wily and doesn't care how many products I layer on that claim to fight frizz. 

2. That last picture was me trying to show off my sweet kicks. I expect Free People will be sending me these shoes to model for them any day now, being that I do it sooo well and all. I mean, why pay real models lots of money when you've got an amateur style blogger such as myself who can do such a bang-up job?

On to the next...

Things were going just great for us this morning. Jordan was home until 10:00 so we got to have breakfast together and play for a while. Adelaide and I went to story time at the library, and afterwards we decided to cruise past Winco to see if they had pumpkins. They did! Five boxes (though nearly empty… is there a shortage this year or something that I haven’t heard about yet?), and they were under $5 each, which was $2 less per pumpkin than the ones we found at Kroger yesterday. They weren’t the pumpkins of my dreams (don’t you dream about pumpkins?), but based on the price and the sad supply we’ve been seeing this year, we decided to snatch up the best two we could find. You know, to hold us over til those perfect ones appear.

Anyway, we checked out and were happily be-bopping to the car, debating whether or not we should try to cruise past Lowe’s and/or Home Depot as well to scout for pumpkins, feelin’ reeeeaaaal good, until…

---Guesses on what terrible event transpired next should be made now---

I go to take Adelaide out of the buggy when mid-lift she jolts to a stop and cries a bit. Hmmm… confused mom face and head scratching here… what could her leg possibly be stuck on? Upon further inspection I find that her leg is stuck between 2 of the bars to the right of the foot hole in the buggy. You know, the one’s that are placed about 2 inches apart to insure nothing gets stuck in  them? Yep, her leg is in it, about 2 inches above her ankle, pudging out on both sides of the bars.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod. What am I going to dooooo???

I immediately look up to see if the firetruck belonging to the firemen who are doing their shopping inside is still there. Do I scream for them? Tell them to come quick and bring their axe? I momentarily calmed down just enough to assess the situation a little further before going there. Yep, it’s stuck. Not moving and definitely wider than the bars. How the heck did she get it in there???

Now I don’t know how accurate my memory of the situation is, but I was able to get it out by squeezing on her leg to scoot it to the ankle, then turn her foot sideways to get it out. She fussed a little while I did it, and all in all it was probably a 1-2 minute ordeal. I don’t know if my freaked-out mom adrenalin got us out of what could’ve been a really bad situation or if it really wasn’t as bad as I remember it…. no it was… I swear to you, it was stuck. Like really stuck. 

Anyway, she made it out unscathed, and the firemen were able to finish their grocery shopping uninterrupted.

I’m really not looking forward to the next dozen times I’m sure I’ll have to deal with something like that. Not one bit.


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