Cold front numero uno has officially gone through North Texas! And number two will be on its way soon! Eeeee! I am so excited! Excited doesn't even begin to cover it actually, let me go Google some synonyms. Berightback.

I am delighted, thrilled, elated, euphoric, blissfully happy! Yes, that's a much better representation of my current state.

Is it normal to be this excited about weather changes? I think yes. At least at the end of a Texas summer.

Along with slightly cooler temps, the front this morning brought a nice little rain shower. And since we haven't had many nice, calm rainshowers during the day for Adelaide to experience, I took her out to explore. She had quite the good time splashing her hands in the puddles, checking out the downspout and trying to drink the water from the puddles on the deck. Yes, trying to drink water off of the ground... babies. I actually had quite a good time too. Playing in the rain is one of those things that I romanticize in my head. Jordan does not share my enthusiasm for such things. But I don't need him for that anymore, cause Adelaide was more than willing to accompany me. Once we got inside, the 80's called me asking for their frizz back. Only downside though, and I'm more than willing to take it. 

On another, equally exciting note: The first pumpkins of the year have officially been spotted at Wal-Mart! Unfortunately it was Jordan who I sent on the scouting trip, so I didn't get to judge for myself how good they were, but according to him they didn't have those good long stems. So, I'm going to try to slow my roll and wait for the perfect ones (patience isn't my strong suit)... surely everyone else can't be far behind with the pumpkin supply. Right??? Pleeeeease tell me I'm right.

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