We got four whole days with Jordan this weekend! In a row! We usually count ourselves lucky when we can get two. Can it be Labor Day again next week? 

I wish I had fun stories about all the great stuff we did with our extra-long weekend, but.... I don't. I actually spent half of it still trying to kick the virus that Adelaide so thoughtfully shared with me mid-week. I think Adelaide weathered it better than I did. Embarrassing? Yes. I just kept claiming that "man, she's really though if she felt as bad I do...."

But, we did go visit some ducks one morning when Michael's was too busy to brave. Adelaide was very suspicious.

And best of all, it's September! The unofficial start of fall in my fairy tale life, where I live in that magical place seen on calendars and in movies, where September 1st means crisp days and beautiful foliage that hangs around until Thanksgiving. Alas, it's still in the mid to upper 90's here, and there's not a pumpkin in sight (I know, cuz I looked). Have I complained about how much I hate, loathe, detest the Texas heat recently? Oh, I have? Like 32 times? Well then, okay.... guess I've made my stance on that topic crystal clear.


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