Top: Forever 21, Shorts: Forever 21 (cut-off jeans), Shoes: Ross

So, one night I was loading the dishwasher when I saw that 9 out of Adelaide's 10 bottles were dirty. That means it's time to run the dishwasher, right? But upon further inspection, I found that the bottom rack was woefully under-full. Conundrum eh? Not really, I mean there's an obvious solution: Eat a bowl of frosted flakes for dessert. Duh. Cause if I do that, then hubs will too and that means 2 more bowls and 2 more spoons in the dishwasher, which will just tip the scales to full enough to run. And you thought I would have to wait, or even worse.... hand wash bottles (oh, the horror!). Oh no, give me a problem and a little sugar to throw at it, and I'll find a solution. 

But really, isn't eating a bowl of cereal a great solution most of the time? 

P.S. The back of this shirt is cool, it buttons up. However, I couldn't show you that, because I only used my flat-iron to get the wrinkles out of the front, leaving the back of my shirt disgracefully wrinkled. (Which you can just start to see if you look close enough. So don't.)

P.P.S. My poor bangs are having to spend most of their time restrained by multiple bobby pins. Poor things seem to like getting hack jobs.


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