Shirt & Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Target

Man, the time I've been wasting in my closet lately... trying on what seems like my entire closet, and still spending the day feeling blah about what I came up with. I was having that issue, yet again, last night (because yes, I do pick out my clothes the night before like I'm 6. What of it?), when I got to thinking about the hours I have spent pinning everything under the sun, including outfits, on Pinterest. Why? So I can never look at them again. So I can go back to them when I am in need of inspiration. So I scoured my Fashion board for something I could recreate from my own closet. Tada! All of those hours pinning were finally put to good use. Guess that's my excuse to go find some more things to pin...

(Since I don't know the rules about posting pictures from elsewhere in the internet world on my own blog, I'll just give you a link to my pin if you want to see my inspiration. I don't want to get sent to internet jail or anything.)  


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