Okay, I'll just forewarn you, I am about to get sentimental about a couch. Remember, this is coming from someone who gets sentimentally attached to cars, clothes, restaurants and yes, furniture. (Also, beware of planning any activities with me between October 1st - December 25th, because it is very possible that I will try to turn it into a tradition.)

So, we decided to bite the bullet and get a sleeper couch last week. It's something we've talked about on numerous occasions since we don't have a guest room (leaving overnight guests to sleep on a leaky air mattress squished into too small a space, or duke it out for the big couch). But, we never actually did it because the thought usually occurred to us after our guests were gone, and we had no plans for visitors in the near future. Plus, that old couch was about the most comfortable couch you'd ever plop down on. Ever. But, with my parents staying the night last Friday while we went to a show, it seemed like a good time. How we came to own this particular couch is a long story that I won't go into, but yesterday it finally arrived. 

Seeing that super sweet new couch sitting in our living room, looking oh so cool ;) I started thinking about our old couch which is now sitting in our breezeway, on its side, cushions haphazardly stacked on top. That couch was part of the living room set that was our first major purchase together, like 9 years ago. I remember very clearly how excited I was to be furniture shopping with Jordan. I felt so grown up and it gave our relationship a sense of permanence to me. We officially owned something together. Since then there have been many naps and nights spent sleeping so comfortably, TV shows watched and meals eaten on that couch. It served our family of 3 well for many years. 

I feel a teeny bit sad to see that old couch go, squished-by-a-35lb-French-Bulldog-cushions and all. But, I looooove this new one so much, that the transition isn't too bad. New couch, new family of 4, new memories...


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