Hat/Top/Skirt: Forever 21 (think I like Forever 21?), Shoes: Dirty Laundry via Nordstrom Rack

Can we talk about these shoes for a second? They remind me of the house shoes my Mamaw used to wear. Great look for house shoes, but good look for real shoes? I kinda think they're ugly and I kinda love them for it! I can't take credit for them totally though, I saw them first on the daybook (my very most favorite blog and inspiration) and on rockstar diaries. Pretty much everything Sydney (from the daybook) wears is something I want to try to recreate immediately after seeing it on her. Yep, I'm just a big ol' copycat. 

Now on to what I came to say...

I've said before that I enjoy fashion, and I love when I put together an outfit that just makes me feel good. However, there have been many, many times when I have done just that: put together a sweet outfit that I am certain no one else would've thought of, felt really good about it, and I'm really confident and happy as a result. I think I'm stylin', I think I'm hip and cool, I think I am all that. (Is my 90's adolescence showing?) 

Then, I go somewhere, Target, Kroger, out to dinner with Jordan... and suddenly, all of those good feelings vanish and I feel incredibly self-conscious. Whyyyyyy did I wear this? No one else would've put this outfit together! Yeah, it's no longer a good thing. I feel over-dressed and uncomfortable. 

Well, this is one of those outfits. In the protection and privacy of my closet and the cover of our breezeway, I love it! Looking at the pictures... dare I say it.... I actually like the way I look. (Does saying that make me narcissistic? That's what I'm afraid of.) Posting these pictures here is like going to Target, only I'm not sure if it's even worse, because people I actually know might see them, or if it's better, because it's pictures, not real life.

But why should I let the fear of what someone else might be thinking about me (or pictures of me) ruin the way I feel about myself? I think it's high time that I accept myself for who I am and feel good about it. Who's with me?


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