Justin, Katy and Hadley came over on the Fourth for some lackluster daytime fireworks (we're a couple of stickler mommies when it comes to our babies and their bedtimes!) and they let me drag them out into chigger central for some photos. I'm still trying to figure it all out and I am driving myself crazy by making the same mistakes over and over, but I am starting to figure some things out. At least I can sound like I know what I am talking about, as long as the person I'm talking to doesn't know much either! If nothing else, I'm really enjoying it and I think I have found a new hobby! Here are a few of my favorite shots...

I had a couple shots of Jordan tossing Adelaide around, unfortunately they got deleted before I could even check them out on the computer. I was super bummed about that, but I did get a cute one of Adelaide and Daddy checking out some leaves.

And one more of Adelaide, cause you can't ever have too many, right?

That's it for now. Thanks Justin, Katy and Hadley for being my first non-obligated models!


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