I posted recently about needing to make a big decision, and we finally made it. See, a couple of weeks ago Adelaide's amazing babysitter told me that they were thinking about selling their house to make a move to a town about 35 minutes away. Suddenly, we found ourselves wondering where we would take Adelaide when it was time for me to start the school year.

It's been no secret that juggling the duties of mom, wife and full-time teacher was very difficult for me. I never felt like I was giving as much as I believed I should to any of my roles. I constantly felt rushed and like I was behind or neglecting something or someone. I found myself wishing away precious time with Adelaide, because I was so exhausted that all I wanted was to put her to bed, so I could go to bed too.

Me staying home with Adelaide was something that we had considered and talked about on several occasions (me more than Jordan, of course), but with Adelaide's babysitter being so close to my school, very affordable and trustworthy, it was hard to justify leaving that situation and taking the cut in income. But, as things would have it, a couple of weeks ago, it suddenly made more sense. So, after more consideration, list-making and our sitter's house officially being put up for sale, we decided that I would stay home with Adelaide this year. 

I don't know yet if it will be just for this year, or until she's ready to start preschool, but right now I am not worried about figuring that out. I just want to enjoy getting to watch my sweet baby grow up every day, and do the very best job I can as a wife and mom.


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