Wow, I'm really falling down on the blogging job. I'm home with Adelaide, so I have no excuse today! Our babysitter was in a wreck over the weekend, luckily she and her family are okay, but we kept Adelaide home yesterday and today to give them a chance to recuperate. I'd be lying if I said I had any hesitance or issue at all with taking off to stay home with her today. I'm very much looking forward to our day!

On to an Adelaide update... Things have been pretty good over here. Adelaide got a tooth! Two actually. She's been eating great, and not just squash anymore. Still not a lover of the greens, but we'll keep workin' on it. 

After a long spell of night wakings, she got back to sleeping soundly through the night (always on her tummy) only to go back to a few fussing periods around 4:30am for the last week and a half. Boo! But it hasn't been as bad as previous regressions, and it does seem to be getting better (sloooowly) so I guess we'll take it. 

She's rolling aaaaalllll over the place now and can get herself turned around while on her tummy. She's been getting her bum up in the air and can push all the way up on her arms, but she hasn't combined the two yet. I'm guessing I'll be reporting that she's on hands and knees by next month. 

We're still working on sitting up. She can do it by herself for a while, but she falls over sometimes when she gets distracted, or reaches a little too far for a toy... Or when her brother licks her until she falls over! Speaking of brother, he's been getting so much more tolerant of her. He'll actually sit still and let her pet him! Adelaide adores him- always reaching out to him when he's near, blowing excited raspberries at him and her eyes follow him everywhere he goes. Only downfall is that she's taken to flapping her arms like a crazy lady when she gets excited to be near him, which sometimes translates into whacking him. Understandably, he's not a fan of being whacked in the face, so he tends to leave when that happens. 

So, all in all, it's been a great month. Things I have learned: baby teeth are sharp and checking gums is done at my own risk, rolling babies do not care if you are in the process of changing their diaper, prunes are potent and you should not go out while waiting for them to do their job (nor is an entire jar necessary), mom was right- it's a good idea to keep a roll of paper towels in the car at all times, and finally, I have learned that I have the sweetest, most beautiful, most lovable baby in the world (like every mom I'm sure), and that it is only get harder and harder every single day to say goodbye to that sweet face. 

Luckily, it's just 37 more days until summer vacation. Now for some pictures...

Couple from Easter:

(Don't worry, I was ducking behind the table with my hands on her waist the whole time we were taking these. Actually, that little bit of blue by her knee, that'd be my shoulder, haha!)

Her 7 month pictures were incredibly hard to get because there was lots of this...

and this....

She was not digging the lie on your back and smile pose at all this month!

Sitting up was more her speed...

Especially if brother was around!



I'm having a hard time keeping up with blogging here. I planned to update at least weekly, but that hasn't been happening. The weekends are just flying by so incredibly fast, and the weeknights usually don't even feel like they happen.

Anyway, the last month with Adelaide.... After having such a great 5th month, I was actually really surprised with the roller coaster ups and downs that her 6th month held. As easy as we thought we had it getting her out of the swaddle, we ended up battling with about a week and a half of random night wakings not long after. Adelaide decided that she was all about rolling over to her tummy to sleep, but waking up that way was no bueno. She would get mad and was unable to turn back over, and the crying ensued. I went in to help her a couple of times, but quickly learned my lesson. She would either cry louder when I moved her or roller her over, or would be back on her tummy before I could even get back to bed, and then start crying again. It was rough for a while there, but the last few nights have been much better... hoping we're done with all that. At least for a little while.

Other than the night wakings, things have been good. She finally started eating solids. Squash. Only squash. Only jarred squash. We've tried sneaking a few other things in there, but unfortunately she did not inherit my gullibility. But, it has only been a week or two, so as long as she doesn't turn into a squash, I guess we're okay for a while.

Her 6 month vaccinations caused a bit of upset which the previous two rounds did not. She ran a fever the day after and either napped crazy long or very short. But I did get to sit and hold her while she slept for an hour one afternoon, which was pure bliss for me. I think it was worth dealing with a slightly fussy Adelaide to get to experience that again. I can see now why my mom told me that there was nothing wrong with just sitting and holding her if that was what I wanted to do in those first few weeks. Those days came to an end so, so soon, so I was so grateful to have that sweet sleeping baby in my arms again.

I cannot believe Adelaide is already half a year old. I remember so clearly when 6 weeks seemed so far away as we held our brand new, screaming 2 week old. So much has changed.

If she's not rolling, she's standing.

We visited the Easter Bunny this weekend with Adelaide's cousin Hadley. Neither one of the girls seemed at all worried that a human-sized bunny with glasses was holding them.

Adelaide quite liked him actually. We figure she must've just assumed he was somehow like her brother at home (he's actually letting her pet him now! Sometimes.)

60 days until summer vacation...


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