Can I just start by saying, NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! That means an extra day home with this little lady!

On to the point now... The past few weeks with Adelaide have been AMAZING! I feel totally confident in saying that the fussy-gussy who we tried so very unsuccessfully to make happy for about 4 months is gone! She smiles tons these days and laughs more and more. She will actually lie down in her gym or on a blanket without crying the second you put her down AND she'll even play on her own! She has successfully eaten homemade peas and avocado. We tried green beans tonight, but she wasn't digging them- maybe next time. She's still not consistently rolling over from tummy to back, but she's getting oh-so-close to going from back to tummy. It would seem about right if she mastered the typically harder skill first. 

We're still fighting the swaddle battle. She's getting out every night now, sometimes multiple times a night. Some nights she'll get an arm out and sleep fine like that for hours until morning without making a peep. Other nights she fusses off and on for an hour before falling back asleep. And other nights, like last night, she'll cry/yell (a new skill for her) off and on for over an hour and a half (yep, 2:20-4:00am) and nothing I do, including offering a bottle will settle her... until we put that arm back in the swaddle. Then it's mere minutes before she's sound asleep, and by morning she's got that arm back out again, and seems fine with it. 

Back in January I said, "Maybe she'll make it to spring break, and we can just spend that week getting her out of it completely... no, there no way she'll go that long. She'll be almost 6 months old by then!" Well, we're only a week 5 days away from spring break now, it's looking like she can go that long after all! At least she's making some progress. It wasn't 2 weeks ago that we HAD to put her arm back in the swaddle any time she got it out. Now it's more like 1 out of 4 times maybe? When she's crying at 3am (which is when it usually happens) Jordan and I are like broken records, "I don't understand... It's so frustrating... Why isn't she getting any better???" But I guess she is getting better. Slooooowly. I'm hoping she'll make some major progress over the next few days, otherwise, spring break may not feel like much of a break. We really can't put it off any longer. Last night she rolled over to her tummy (one arm out already), of course she couldn't get back over and she cried. Actually, that's when it all started. Anyway, with the rolling starting, she really needs both arms out. And we want her totally out by the time she goes back to the babysitter, so we've got a lot of work ahead of us. Not looking forward to that bit of spring break. Not. One. Bit. 

But, if that's really the worst thing were dealing with, I'm happy. We've been out to eat several times, out shopping and gone for walks. Adelaide has been perfect. I couldn't ask for more. I absolutely adore that sweet girl and look forward to every second I get to spend with her. I'm so glad things are finally getting easier and that we just get to sit back and enjoy!


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