Making : smushed avocado to feed Adelaide. She doesn't seem like she's quite ready for food just yet though. 
Baking : banana bread maybe? Need to use up some past-their-prime bananas today.
Drinking : too many cokes. 
Reading : September 2013 forums. It's so reassuring to read about other people dealing with and worrying about the same things as us right now. (weaning the swaddle anyone?)
Playing: "I'm gonna kiss your cheeks" with Adelaide and finally getting the first real, extended "hahaha" laugh out of her last night!
Wasting: my time blogging when there's lots of stuff that I could be and probably should be cleaning right now.
Sewing: the holes closed on a sleep sack for Adelaide. Hoping it might be a good stepping stone toward getting her out of the swaddle. Might try it for a nap. 
Wishing: for a snow/ice day tomorrow. Or at least a late start. Fingers crossed!
Enjoying: my weekends with Adelaide, Jordan and Bowser. It's not every weekend that Jordan gets to be home with us.
Liking: Adelaide's new 4 hour schedule. Today's only the second day, but so far it seems to be working out great!
Wondering: if we're ever gonna be able to get Adelaide out of the swaddle without several sleepless nights. 
Loving: the Valentine's section at Target. All those hearts and pink and red just make me happy. Jordan's never really been in to Valentine's day, so I'm excited to have a sweet baby girl to start showering with kisses and treats in the coming years!
Hoping: Bowser's ear infection goes away with this 3rd round of medicine so he doesn't have to have surgery.
Marveling: and how quickly Adelaide is growing! She's already more than doubled her birth weight. It's bittersweet for sure.
Needing: makeup. But of course Ulta didn't open until 11am today and we were done grocery shopping at 10am. Guess I'll keep rationing. It's not like I enjoy wearing it anyway.
Smelling: smoke outside from fireplaces.
Wearing: my NY Giants shirt (Adelaide too) one last time this season. They may not be playing this year, but their stadium is still in it.
Following: @lovetaza on twitter. I love reading about her life in NYC. It is fascinating to me.
Noticing: all of the baby food options on the shelves. 
Knowing: The school week ahead will be a fun one with all of the Valentine's Day anticipation building.
Thinking: about sitting in front of a cozy fire.
Feeling: excited to start Valentine's crafts this week with the kids at school. 
Bookmarking: well, pinning, not bookmarking (but that's similar, right?) cute pictures to take for Valentine's Day. Can you tell I've got a certain holiday on the brain right now?
Opening: my most recent purchase from  Valentine's Day books for school.
Giggling: at Adelaide giggling, or her trying to at least.
Feeling: optimistic.


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