I recently regaled you with the tale of taking Bowser to the emergency vet. This time, it was Adelaide who needed the after-hours doctor... (beware: this is gonna get really long)

When I picked Adelaide up from her babysitter on Thursday afternoon, I noticed an odd noise when she was breathing. It kinda sounded like she was breathing through some congestion in her throat. Her babysitter didn't say anything, so she obviously hadn't noticed any issues, so I assumed it was probably just some drainage from a cold or maybe she had some sort of allergy- this crazy Texas weather lends itself to those sorts of things. Once home, she was acting totally normal, playing and smiling, so we decided to head on out to Whole Foods to pick up Adelaide's Valentine's Day gift for her babysitter. 

On our way home we stopped by Taco Bueno to quickly grab some dinner (btw: the new Taco Bueno in Allen could use some major managerial changes, nothing about that particular location is quick! But I won't go into that.) While Adelaide, Bowser and I were waiting in the car far too long, Adelaide started fussing, which developed into crying, which continued off and on during the ride home. I was a bit concerned at this point, she was still having that noisy breathing and coughing some, but what really had me concerned what the almost quiet, sad crying. Anyone who knows Adelaide, knows she doesn't cry quietly. In fact, she would probably stand a really good chance in the race for loudest, most intense cry-er in the world! Jordan thought she was just crying from being stuck in her car seat for so long, and when we got home and got her out of the seat, she was fine, so I figured he was probably right. Bath went fine. Bedtime bottle went fine. She still had that rattly breathing, but otherwise everything seemed normal. 

About 2 1/2 hours later, we were alseep when I heard some noises coming from the monitor- not crying, not fussing, not noises that sounded familiar. Crying quickly followed though, and for her to be awake and crying almost 2 1/2 hours after going to sleep was not normal, so I headed in. The rattly breathing was very obvious and when I picked her up over my shoulder, I could feel that her nose had been running a lot. She was making these weird noises, I called Jordan in immediately to hear it. We determined it was coughing, but it wasn't like any cough I had ever heard before, much less from her. We both agreed something was going on, and decided to take her temperature, or try to at least. As soon as we put her down to take it, the coughing got worse and she started crying again- lying down flat was not an option. I tried to take it while Jordan held her over his shoulder, but as I'm sure you would imagine, that didn't work. At all. Next order of business was to start calling people. Of course, it was about 10:30 on a Thursday night, so it took calling 3 different people before I woke someone up (obviously going to bed early runs in my blood). The opinion I got was that she probably just had some drainage, like I thought, and that as long as she didn't have a fever, she was probably fine. Thinking back on it now, I think I may have left out the part about her cough being reeeeeally weird sounding. Might've been important. I was figured she would be fine, maybe just a long night, luckily, Jordan didn't. 

So, off we went to Acute Kids, arriving about 5 minutes before they were due to close.( They were great! Totally opposite experience than we had at the emergency vet the previous week.) The doctor knew within the first minute from the distinctive cough and hoarse sounds Adelaide was making that she had croup. On a side note- Adelaide was so amazing while we were there. No crying, no fussing, and lots of smiles, even through the sickness. She was given a single dose of steroids to help reduce the inflammation that was causing the difficult and noisy breathing and we were given instructions to watch her closely through the night and advice on how to deal with the coughing should it return. And we headed home.

Adelaide was sound asleep in her car seat when we got home (sound familiar?) at about 11:30. We decided to leave her in the car seat since we were advised to have her sleep on an incline anyway and got the trusty ol' rock n' play out to switch her to once she woke up- which amazingly didn't happen until 4:30 am- and I got out a sleeping bag (Jordan sweetly blew up the camp mat for me) and settled in on the floor next to her. She seemed to be sleeping well, I would know, because I wasn't. I leaned over to make sure I could hear her breathing every half hour or so. When she woke up at 4:30, I took her out of the car seat and started debating on what to do. We were also instructed to do what we could to keep her from crying, as it could cause the coughing to return or worsen, so after some debating, I decided to give her a bottle before putting her in the rock n' play, hoping it would help her fall asleep and maybe allow her to sleep a bit later, making up for the late bedtime. Amazingly, it worked exactly how I had hoped! She spent the next day, Valentine's Day, home with me, and it was actually a fantastic day! She never ran more than a 99.something fever, and was in a great mood during all of her awake time and napped great. No crying all day.

She seems to be getting over it just fine. Still a little coughing and rattly breathing from time to time. But no fever and tons of smiles. In fact, I finally caught a laugh on camera yesterday!

Her first time waking up sick was definitely scary, but it looks like we made it through. Next time, I'm not going to doubt myself when I think something is off and I am so grateful for Jordan seeing what I didn't see... or didn't want to see. Better safe than sorry, I'm going to remember that!

I was a little sad to miss out on the Valentine's Day fun with my kids at school on Friday, but I know they had a great day anyway. And spending the day with my sweet baby girl was definitely better than any party or cookie I might've eaten.

Now for the less than professional video of her laughing. Please pardon the weird angle, I had to try to record her without her seeing the iPad. Once she sees it, our chances are usually shot. Also, please ignore the silly noises coming from me... the things people do to get a baby to smile and laugh...



Last week we had a major scare with Bowser. One evening I noticed that Bowser's left temple seemed to be sunken in- it was scary looking. I immediately said we needed to go to the emergency vet, which I have said several times in the past, only to have Jordan disagree and have everything turn out fine. This time though, Jordan didn't disagree and I knew he felt just as scared as me. So, at about 6pm, we loaded Adelaide up, grabbed her bedtime bottle and went off. First of all, isn't the emergency vet for emergencies? And shouldn't emergencies be dealt with quickly? We stood in the waiting room for a good 15 minutes while the receptionist had someone else filling out paperwork and collecting the fee for a pup who was in for a scheduled overnight stay. I'm not saying that they didn't have something that needed to be dealt with, but it wasn't an emergency, and as far as we knew, Bowser could've been dying. Well, really long (about 2 hour) story short, we found out that yes, there was something wrong, but no, he wasn't dying that night. We were told to get him to his regular vet the following day, which is where we found out that Bowser probably has a weird disease/disorder called MMM where his body starts attacking certain muscles in his head, which has caused them to start to atrophy. We're still watching to see how things go, but luckily it doesn't seem to be life threatening. Scary though, for sure.

And on to the importance of bathtime. The night of the emergency vet, we were gone from about 6pm until around 8:30pm. Adelaide usually takes a bath at about 7pm, bottle right after that and then bed. Well, needless to say, we had to feed her while we were gone. Of course once we left the vet at about 8pm, she was out cold in her carseat rather quickly. So, we get home, she's sound asleep and we have to make a call. Wake her up and give her a bath, then bed? Or, quickly change her diaper and straight to bed? We (maybe mostly I) figured she knew it was already time for her night sleep and that waking her totally up for a bath would be unnecessary and maybe even a bad idea. So diaper change and to bed it was. She fussed a bit, but was sound asleep again almost as soon as her head hit the mattress. SUCCESS! For about 45 minutes that is. That was when she woke up crying for the first time. That went on off and on for the next hour. It really started feeling like she was confused as hell, waking up from what she thought was a nap, but feeling too tired to be waking up. After a few failed attempts at getting her back to sleep, into the bath she went. At 10:15! Then a  mini-bottle to mimic her normal nighttime routine and guess what? She slept without a peep for the rest of the night. So yeah, we now know the importance of bathtime. And we won't be testing it again any time soon.

On to some pictures now... In honor of Valentine's week, here are some favorites from our makeshift Valentine's Day photo shoot last week.



Making : smushed avocado to feed Adelaide. She doesn't seem like she's quite ready for food just yet though. 
Baking : banana bread maybe? Need to use up some past-their-prime bananas today.
Drinking : too many cokes. 
Reading : September 2013 forums. It's so reassuring to read about other people dealing with and worrying about the same things as us right now. (weaning the swaddle anyone?)
Playing: "I'm gonna kiss your cheeks" with Adelaide and finally getting the first real, extended "hahaha" laugh out of her last night!
Wasting: my time blogging when there's lots of stuff that I could be and probably should be cleaning right now.
Sewing: the holes closed on a sleep sack for Adelaide. Hoping it might be a good stepping stone toward getting her out of the swaddle. Might try it for a nap. 
Wishing: for a snow/ice day tomorrow. Or at least a late start. Fingers crossed!
Enjoying: my weekends with Adelaide, Jordan and Bowser. It's not every weekend that Jordan gets to be home with us.
Liking: Adelaide's new 4 hour schedule. Today's only the second day, but so far it seems to be working out great!
Wondering: if we're ever gonna be able to get Adelaide out of the swaddle without several sleepless nights. 
Loving: the Valentine's section at Target. All those hearts and pink and red just make me happy. Jordan's never really been in to Valentine's day, so I'm excited to have a sweet baby girl to start showering with kisses and treats in the coming years!
Hoping: Bowser's ear infection goes away with this 3rd round of medicine so he doesn't have to have surgery.
Marveling: and how quickly Adelaide is growing! She's already more than doubled her birth weight. It's bittersweet for sure.
Needing: makeup. But of course Ulta didn't open until 11am today and we were done grocery shopping at 10am. Guess I'll keep rationing. It's not like I enjoy wearing it anyway.
Smelling: smoke outside from fireplaces.
Wearing: my NY Giants shirt (Adelaide too) one last time this season. They may not be playing this year, but their stadium is still in it.
Following: @lovetaza on twitter. I love reading about her life in NYC. It is fascinating to me.
Noticing: all of the baby food options on the shelves. 
Knowing: The school week ahead will be a fun one with all of the Valentine's Day anticipation building.
Thinking: about sitting in front of a cozy fire.
Feeling: excited to start Valentine's crafts this week with the kids at school. 
Bookmarking: well, pinning, not bookmarking (but that's similar, right?) cute pictures to take for Valentine's Day. Can you tell I've got a certain holiday on the brain right now?
Opening: my most recent purchase from  Valentine's Day books for school.
Giggling: at Adelaide giggling, or her trying to at least.
Feeling: optimistic.


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