Well, I made it through the week. I can say that it was easier to say goodbye without crying each day, but without the reward of 2 weeks off following this week, it was a little harder to stay positive. Adelaide did great with the babysitter and Jordan was able to pick her up early every day. It went off without a hitch really. I am still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I only get about 3 1/2 hours a day with her Monday-Friday. But, I guess as long as she's happy and doing well, it doesn't really matter as much how I am adjusting. 

I did get to enjoy some story time with her one night.

And this smile at her Daddy when she got home from the babysitter one day is proof that she had a good day if you ask me.

Last weekend we headed out to Farmersville for a walk. Adelaide was gonna drive us home, but we thought better of it. 

I think we're gonna head back out there again today to enjoy the freakishly warm weather we're getting this weekend. 70 degrees in January really can't be beat. Too bad it's not actually Spring. Once Christmas is over, I'm pretty much done with Winter. Unless it snows... I wouldn't mind Winter for a while longer if we could get some snow. I know plenty of people across the country would probably think I'm crazy for wanting snow... but that's a Texas girl for ya.

So, it's shaping up to be a great birthday for me. All I really wanted to do today was spend time with Adelaide and Jordan, and so far it has been perfect. Jordan started my day off great with the traditional Donut shop cinnamon roll, Adelaide gifted me with many smiles already (and it's only noon) and the weather is perfect for walking with our pooch. Can't ask for much more... except maybe pizza. But I'm not gonna get greedy!


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