There are times when Jordan and I talk about the other places we'd like to live. Places with more options for outdoor activities and better weather. For us, planning activities where we live usually consists of discussing which shopping area/mall we can visit or what restaurant we can eat at. But when we got another spectacular January day at 60ish degrees yesterday, it was kinda hard to complain and very easy to forget how unagreeable the weather will be in just a few months. So, we decided we would head over to Jordan's brother's house for a visit with Adelaide's cousin and a walk to their park. Adelaide took her first swing...

While Adelaide has been smiling much more these days, and starting to laugh, clearly Jordan's favorite word to describe her attitude toward most things is still very much true: "meh." We can manage to get smiles out of her pretty consistently with goofy facial expressions (especially those involving a tongue sticking out) and with some silly noises, but most activities she participates in, she mostly just seems to tolerate. But, we're certainly making progress!

Her first slide, with Daddy, Uncle Justin and her cousin Hadley...

Again, tolerance. 

It's actually quite funny to see her expressionless face as we try our very best to get her to enjoy these things! Obviously she just has very high standards.

We really have noticed some fun changes in her, over the past week or two especially. She seems to be getting much less fussy, and more content overall. Those certain times of day that we could always count on being a bit difficult seem to be over (knock on wood). As long as she gets her naps at least. Those are crucial.

Sitting in her high chair  is something she absolutely refused to do a couple of weeks ago, but this past week she sat at the table with us at dinner for 10+ minutes and was totally fine! 

Happy even!

Seeing her sit in her highchair is getting me so excited about her being able to start eating some "real food" soon. I've been doing a lot of research and I am leaning toward skipping the grains as a first food, with her pediatrician's approval. While I really do think it will be good for her in the long run to start with more healthy options, I'm a little sad that it may mean a longer wait until I can pull out those teeny bowls and spoons that I bought, oh, a couple of weeks ago? Did I mention that I'm excited? 

Before we get there, I still need to make a decision about whether I am going to make Adelaide's food or buy it. I've thought for so long that I would make it myself for sure, it's healthier and cheaper. Right?  Well, after researching the steamer/pureer options, I'm starting to wonder if it will actually save any money at all. I know I don't have to get a special appliance to do the job, but I think it would make the whole process much easier. And according to the reviews, the $130 Cuisinart seems to be the best option, and anyone who knows Jordan and me knows that we buy based on the reviews. I also see now that the Gerber foods really do seem to be quite pure. Ingredients for the green beans: green beans and water. That's it. How's that any different than what I would make? I was reading up on some basics of baby-food making yesterday and read that freezing certain foods may cause unappealing changes in texture. So now I need to figure out which foods are okay for freezing and which foods I need to only make a serve fresh. And figure out if I'm going to have the time to do that. Needless to say, now I'm questioning whether or not homemade is the way to go for us. And true to form, Jordan has no opinion or thoughts to offer on the subject.

And what I saw on the monitor while Adelaide was napping last weekend, that's a whole other story.

Yep, that the back of her head. Yep, she is swaddled. Yep, I'm aware that that is a very bad combination. 

Long story short, we tried to start weaning the swaddle, very unsuccessfully for several nights. We tried both arms out, one arm out, naptime and nighttime. No attempts were successful and she is now back to a full swaddle. Luckily, she has not rolled over again. Maybe it was just a fluke? I know she's getting to an age where we may have to get her out of the swaddle anyway, it's just so hard to watch her struggle to sleep without it and spend the entire next day being fussy and tired. She goes for her 4 month check-up next week, so we're planning to get the doctor's take on it if we're still swaddling her (one more rolling incident before then, and I guess we'll have our answer). 

I am so grateful for an extra day home with Adelaide today, and it's looking like it may be the nicest day yet weather-wise. Now to decide if more research on baby-food-making, weaning the swaddle or time spent outside is in order...


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