We've made it 4 months! This past month has been a good one, lots of great changes. Lots of ups and downs too. Everyone says it, and everyone is right: just when you think you've got it figured out, something changes!

Tummy time is getting so much better! Her favorite way to do it is on her boppy lounger, on our lap. I would guess it is because she is higher and can see a lot more that way than she can when she's on the floor. She will hang out like this for 10-15 minutes sometimes. I think yesterday was the record at about 20 minutes!

She's still working on rolling over from tummy to back. She's totally capable, but I don't think she knows that yet! Sometimes she's successful, sometimes she's not... usually she's not. But that's okay, we're getting there! Now that she's getting more tolerant of tummy time, she's getting more practice! (Ignore me in the background of the photos, I was being the cheerleader.)

We just got through what we think was a 4 month sleep regression. For about a week she was waking a lot throughout the night crying. I even got up and fed her one night, because she just kept crying and couldn't seem to go back to sleep. I had forgotten how hard those middle of the night feedings were! Since she had been sleeping about 11 hours every night since the beginning of December, we were really surprised when she started waking up again. It actually started when we tried to wean the swaddle. When we were putting her back in the swaddle and she still wasn't sleeping, we did what we always do: googled. That's where I read about the 4 month sleep regression. She's back to her 11 hour nights now (and still in the swaddle), but we've been having some short nap issues the past couple of days. Oh well, I think I'd rather  have the nights anyway. I'm sure we're going to have to try to get her out of the swaddle again soon. I've been wondering if maybe the sleep regression just happened to hit at the same time as the swaddle weaning last time, and maybe that's at least part of why it went so bad? 

She goes for her 4 month check up on Tuesday. We've got our list of questions ready! I'm excited to see what she'll weigh in at, and what percentile she'll land in this time. I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for Adelaide and for us. There are still hard times and fussy days, but the good times and fun days really are coming more and more often now! I just can't get enough of this sweet girl! Only 41 days until Spring Break!


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