We've made it 4 months! This past month has been a good one, lots of great changes. Lots of ups and downs too. Everyone says it, and everyone is right: just when you think you've got it figured out, something changes!

Tummy time is getting so much better! Her favorite way to do it is on her boppy lounger, on our lap. I would guess it is because she is higher and can see a lot more that way than she can when she's on the floor. She will hang out like this for 10-15 minutes sometimes. I think yesterday was the record at about 20 minutes!

She's still working on rolling over from tummy to back. She's totally capable, but I don't think she knows that yet! Sometimes she's successful, sometimes she's not... usually she's not. But that's okay, we're getting there! Now that she's getting more tolerant of tummy time, she's getting more practice! (Ignore me in the background of the photos, I was being the cheerleader.)

We just got through what we think was a 4 month sleep regression. For about a week she was waking a lot throughout the night crying. I even got up and fed her one night, because she just kept crying and couldn't seem to go back to sleep. I had forgotten how hard those middle of the night feedings were! Since she had been sleeping about 11 hours every night since the beginning of December, we were really surprised when she started waking up again. It actually started when we tried to wean the swaddle. When we were putting her back in the swaddle and she still wasn't sleeping, we did what we always do: googled. That's where I read about the 4 month sleep regression. She's back to her 11 hour nights now (and still in the swaddle), but we've been having some short nap issues the past couple of days. Oh well, I think I'd rather  have the nights anyway. I'm sure we're going to have to try to get her out of the swaddle again soon. I've been wondering if maybe the sleep regression just happened to hit at the same time as the swaddle weaning last time, and maybe that's at least part of why it went so bad? 

She goes for her 4 month check up on Tuesday. We've got our list of questions ready! I'm excited to see what she'll weigh in at, and what percentile she'll land in this time. I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for Adelaide and for us. There are still hard times and fussy days, but the good times and fun days really are coming more and more often now! I just can't get enough of this sweet girl! Only 41 days until Spring Break!



There are times when Jordan and I talk about the other places we'd like to live. Places with more options for outdoor activities and better weather. For us, planning activities where we live usually consists of discussing which shopping area/mall we can visit or what restaurant we can eat at. But when we got another spectacular January day at 60ish degrees yesterday, it was kinda hard to complain and very easy to forget how unagreeable the weather will be in just a few months. So, we decided we would head over to Jordan's brother's house for a visit with Adelaide's cousin and a walk to their park. Adelaide took her first swing...

While Adelaide has been smiling much more these days, and starting to laugh, clearly Jordan's favorite word to describe her attitude toward most things is still very much true: "meh." We can manage to get smiles out of her pretty consistently with goofy facial expressions (especially those involving a tongue sticking out) and with some silly noises, but most activities she participates in, she mostly just seems to tolerate. But, we're certainly making progress!

Her first slide, with Daddy, Uncle Justin and her cousin Hadley...

Again, tolerance. 

It's actually quite funny to see her expressionless face as we try our very best to get her to enjoy these things! Obviously she just has very high standards.

We really have noticed some fun changes in her, over the past week or two especially. She seems to be getting much less fussy, and more content overall. Those certain times of day that we could always count on being a bit difficult seem to be over (knock on wood). As long as she gets her naps at least. Those are crucial.

Sitting in her high chair  is something she absolutely refused to do a couple of weeks ago, but this past week she sat at the table with us at dinner for 10+ minutes and was totally fine! 

Happy even!

Seeing her sit in her highchair is getting me so excited about her being able to start eating some "real food" soon. I've been doing a lot of research and I am leaning toward skipping the grains as a first food, with her pediatrician's approval. While I really do think it will be good for her in the long run to start with more healthy options, I'm a little sad that it may mean a longer wait until I can pull out those teeny bowls and spoons that I bought, oh, a couple of weeks ago? Did I mention that I'm excited? 

Before we get there, I still need to make a decision about whether I am going to make Adelaide's food or buy it. I've thought for so long that I would make it myself for sure, it's healthier and cheaper. Right?  Well, after researching the steamer/pureer options, I'm starting to wonder if it will actually save any money at all. I know I don't have to get a special appliance to do the job, but I think it would make the whole process much easier. And according to the reviews, the $130 Cuisinart seems to be the best option, and anyone who knows Jordan and me knows that we buy based on the reviews. I also see now that the Gerber foods really do seem to be quite pure. Ingredients for the green beans: green beans and water. That's it. How's that any different than what I would make? I was reading up on some basics of baby-food making yesterday and read that freezing certain foods may cause unappealing changes in texture. So now I need to figure out which foods are okay for freezing and which foods I need to only make a serve fresh. And figure out if I'm going to have the time to do that. Needless to say, now I'm questioning whether or not homemade is the way to go for us. And true to form, Jordan has no opinion or thoughts to offer on the subject.

And what I saw on the monitor while Adelaide was napping last weekend, that's a whole other story.

Yep, that the back of her head. Yep, she is swaddled. Yep, I'm aware that that is a very bad combination. 

Long story short, we tried to start weaning the swaddle, very unsuccessfully for several nights. We tried both arms out, one arm out, naptime and nighttime. No attempts were successful and she is now back to a full swaddle. Luckily, she has not rolled over again. Maybe it was just a fluke? I know she's getting to an age where we may have to get her out of the swaddle anyway, it's just so hard to watch her struggle to sleep without it and spend the entire next day being fussy and tired. She goes for her 4 month check-up next week, so we're planning to get the doctor's take on it if we're still swaddling her (one more rolling incident before then, and I guess we'll have our answer). 

I am so grateful for an extra day home with Adelaide today, and it's looking like it may be the nicest day yet weather-wise. Now to decide if more research on baby-food-making, weaning the swaddle or time spent outside is in order...



Well, I made it through the week. I can say that it was easier to say goodbye without crying each day, but without the reward of 2 weeks off following this week, it was a little harder to stay positive. Adelaide did great with the babysitter and Jordan was able to pick her up early every day. It went off without a hitch really. I am still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I only get about 3 1/2 hours a day with her Monday-Friday. But, I guess as long as she's happy and doing well, it doesn't really matter as much how I am adjusting. 

I did get to enjoy some story time with her one night.

And this smile at her Daddy when she got home from the babysitter one day is proof that she had a good day if you ask me.

Last weekend we headed out to Farmersville for a walk. Adelaide was gonna drive us home, but we thought better of it. 

I think we're gonna head back out there again today to enjoy the freakishly warm weather we're getting this weekend. 70 degrees in January really can't be beat. Too bad it's not actually Spring. Once Christmas is over, I'm pretty much done with Winter. Unless it snows... I wouldn't mind Winter for a while longer if we could get some snow. I know plenty of people across the country would probably think I'm crazy for wanting snow... but that's a Texas girl for ya.

So, it's shaping up to be a great birthday for me. All I really wanted to do today was spend time with Adelaide and Jordan, and so far it has been perfect. Jordan started my day off great with the traditional Donut shop cinnamon roll, Adelaide gifted me with many smiles already (and it's only noon) and the weather is perfect for walking with our pooch. Can't ask for much more... except maybe pizza. But I'm not gonna get greedy!



Two more days, then it's back to work, for real this time. I went back for one week before Christmas break for a couple of reasons. 1) I thought going back for one week, right before being out again for Christmas break might make the transition easier. I'd have a week to get used to being in the classroom again, re-get to know my sweet PreK-ers and get a handle on the lessons, etc. before jumping back in full speed after the break. 2)That's when my 12 wk. maternity leave would end. I considered talking to my principal about extending my leave by one week, but decided not to do that - for reason 1. 

I think going back that extra week was good and bad. Good, for all of the reasons I thought it would be good. Good because it allowed me to realize just how hard leaving my baby girl would be, but bad, very bad, for that same reason.

Now I know exactly what to expect when I walk out of that door on Monday morning, but I don't know if that's really a good thing. I mean, I do know now that I will physically survive the day. And, I do know that each day will get easier. But I also know that it will hurt... emotionally and physically. After my first day back, my cheeks were literally raw and sore from the crying and wiping of tears all day.

Adelaide is growing and learning and changing so much. Every. Single. Day. I hate that I am going to miss out on so much of that. I do realize that everything she learns, I will get to see. Does it matter that I may not see it the first time, when I do get to see it the second, third, fourth.... times? Maybe not to most. Does it matter that someone else is the one teaching her those new things? Maybe not to most. But, to emotional, postnatal me, those things do matter. 

And what about the laundry, dinner, dishes, sweeping and the general tidying of our house... the grocery shopping, lesson planning, time with family...  When is there ever going to be enough time? How do so many women juggle all of these things? And how do they make it look so easy?

I have learned that being a mom is so much about prioritizing. Every time Adelaide goes to sleep, I mentally run through the list of things I need and want to do. What's the most important thing? Eating, showering, laundry, Pinterest, the latest episode of Reign, blogging.... And that's only about 1/4 of the things I need to consider every time I have time to myself! Sometimes I skip past the things I need to do, and choose to do something I want to do... like I'm doing right now. Other times I focus on things that I need to do, and I still don't get all of it done. 

How am I going to balance being a teacher, a mom and a wife? How will I find the energy to fill each of those roles completely? I'm sure those are questions that every working mom has asked herself, and figured out how to answer. 

I hope I find an answer that I can be happy with. 

This little girl just makes it so hard to say goodbye!



No, I am not writing to say I've already given up or failed. I am actually writing to change it a bit... expand it really. I am 100% stealing this from Mrs. Wigglebottom, this was her resolution in 2012. But, it was a fantastic resolution and I will definitely be putting my own spin on it throughout the year... hopefully. So, here it is: Live more consciously. This year I am going to focus on being more conscious about the way I think, the way I act and the way I live. I am still going to start with think more positively. But hopefully I will begin to get a handle on that, and once I do I can move on to something else. We shall see... 

Thank you for the inspiration Heather! (Is it weird that I am referring to her by her first name when she doesn't even know me? Truly I don't even know her, even though I kind of feel like I do from reading her blog!)


Adelaide turned 3 months old on Christmas Day! The very same day her big brother turned 10 YEARS old! She weighs in at a whopping 11 lbs. 3 oz. now (up from 9 lbs. 6 oz. at 2 mo.)! She's growing so, so fast! Yesterday... or maybe the day before, she started to copy-cat us when we would stick our tongue out at her. Now, it's not that we want our baby girl going around sticking her tongue out at every person she meets, but we were trying to get her to mimic us, and that's what we came up with... and it worked! She gets a kick out of it, we get a kick out of it, I'd say it's a win-win! Still trying to catch it on the camera. She doesn't tend to stick with any one thing for too long. Other things going on at 3 months....

She's definitely bringing her hands together a lot and even tries to hold toys... the small pink Snoopy from Aunt Mandy and Uncle Michael is a favorite.

She is still sleeping through the night, from about 7:45pm - 6 or 7am.

She wakes up smiling every morning. I sit watching the monitor waiting for her to wake up and love rushing in once we're sure she's awake. It's my favorite part of every day.

She's starting to bounce in the exersaucer she got for Christmas from Aunt Mandy... Bebe... I'm not exactly sure who actually got that for her (THANK YOU!). Either way, she quite enjoys us bouncing her in it, and she is starting to try to bounce herself a bit... with the aid of a couple photo albums under her feet of course.

She's still got great head/neck control... I swear she's been holding her head steady while we hold her since about 2 weeks old! Even with that great control and those strong muscles, she still hates tummy time for the most part. She can sure lift that head up if she wants to, but she usually doesn't want to! 

She rolled over from her tummy to her back totally by herself a couple of days ago! Intentionally or accidentally? We don't know for sure. Since she doesn't spend much time on her tummy in order to practice that skill, we haven't seen a repeat yet. She spends more time upright rather than on her tummy, which her pediatrician suggested we continue to do... I guess she'll get on that tummy when she's good and ready. 

We're loving that she's finally starting to interact with us some! She was generally quite disinterested in us until recently, so the fact that she's starting to pay some attention to us and letting us get smiles out of her from time to time is so heart-warming! We feel like she on on the brink of laughing, I feel so sure it'll happen any day now. Hearing that laugh just might make my heart explode!

Bowser is slowly starting to regain a tolerance for her. No pictures posed lying on him like the in beginning. But at least he will lie down next to her now, with minimal coaxing... okay, maximum coaxing. But, it's a definite improvement over those days when he tried to get away as quickly as possible every single time we broke the "5 feet of distance between me and her at all times" rule he seemed to have in place.

"What are you looking at?"

She's definitely starting to melt his heart too these days. (Please try to ignore his out of control hair in this picture. We took care of that yesterday.... about a month later than we needed to.)

Of course, we can't forget the birthday boy. Oh that gray hair... he's getting to be such an old man. This guy truly has been my best friend for the past 10 years. He came to me in an incredibly hard time in my life and filled a hole in my heart like no one else could have. For that I can never repay him. The last 3 months have been so crazy for all of us. With the joy Adelaide has brought me, I have also been brought great sadness for the lack of time we have had for this guy, who was pretty much our whole world for years and years. He truly is a member of our family and Adelaide's big brother. I hate that he has had to take a back seat in order for us to expand our family and hope that things will calm down soon, allowing us to give him the time and love he completely deserves. I know so many people out there do not and will never understand what I am saying, or how we feel about this guy. He is and always will be a part of our family, just as important as any of the rest of us. I am so grateful for his patience and acceptance of Adelaide and I can't wait to see the day when when he no longer only tolerates her or protects her out of brotherly duty, but becomes her friend as well. We love you Bowser!


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