Well, Adelaide is taking another nap! I am most certainly not going to complain about that. It was all I wished for many, many times. She's become a great napper over the past week or so, for which I am very grateful. It's just funny how I can desperately wish for a break and some time to myself one minute, and then miss her as soon as she's asleep.

On to another topic... I saw this on my favorite blog, The Daybook, and thought it might be fun to do myself. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and think about things like this.

Making : nothing :( I haven't really had the desire to do much crafting or DIYing recently
Cooking : a brownie in a skillet (last night) that I got as a gift from my mom and dad for Christmas
Drinking : not enough water. 
Reading : Mrs. Wigglebottom, a new blog I happened upon a couple of days ago. Very much additional inspiration to start blogging myself.
Looking: forward to eating at Fuzzy's soon with the gift card my in-law's gave us for Christmas. YUM!
Playing: peek-a-boo with my very un-entertained baby
Wasting: time thinking about things that don't deserve my time
Sewing: fewer and fewer of Adelaide's clothes to take them in- she's now fitting perfectly in her 0-3 things!
Wishing: Adelaide would give one of her very elusive smiles to her deserving daddy
Enjoying: my time off
Liking: the many Hershey's Kisses I received for Christmas
Wondering: how long it will be before Adelaide outgrows the "fussys" that have defined her first 3 months
Loving: Adelaide more and more every day. "Fussys" and all.
Hoping: Jordan, Adelaide and I will all be able to get out of the house together a few times before I go back to school
Marveling: at how quickly Adelaide is growing
Needing: something to eat. I didn't have lunch and I'm starting to feel it now.
Smelling: Mr. Bowser's special scent
Wearing: house shoes... cozy feet are a must in winter
Following: Ryan Adams on twitter and not enjoying it as much as I thought I would
Noticing: fewer and fewer leaves on the trees, how did I miss Fall? 
Knowing: Adelaide will be okay with a babysitter next week
Thinking: I still wish I could be the one watching her learn and grow all day, everyday
Feeling: the imminent return of work day rushing
Bookmarking: baby food steamer/puree thingys
Opening: Baby Bargains for about the millionth time to research highchairs and making our own baby food
Giggling: when Adelaide burps. What can I say?
Feeling: anxious about the end of Christmas break


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