Well, Adelaide is taking another nap! I am most certainly not going to complain about that. It was all I wished for many, many times. She's become a great napper over the past week or so, for which I am very grateful. It's just funny how I can desperately wish for a break and some time to myself one minute, and then miss her as soon as she's asleep.

On to another topic... I saw this on my favorite blog, The Daybook, and thought it might be fun to do myself. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and think about things like this.

Making : nothing :( I haven't really had the desire to do much crafting or DIYing recently
Cooking : a brownie in a skillet (last night) that I got as a gift from my mom and dad for Christmas
Drinking : not enough water. 
Reading : Mrs. Wigglebottom, a new blog I happened upon a couple of days ago. Very much additional inspiration to start blogging myself.
Looking: forward to eating at Fuzzy's soon with the gift card my in-law's gave us for Christmas. YUM!
Playing: peek-a-boo with my very un-entertained baby
Wasting: time thinking about things that don't deserve my time
Sewing: fewer and fewer of Adelaide's clothes to take them in- she's now fitting perfectly in her 0-3 things!
Wishing: Adelaide would give one of her very elusive smiles to her deserving daddy
Enjoying: my time off
Liking: the many Hershey's Kisses I received for Christmas
Wondering: how long it will be before Adelaide outgrows the "fussys" that have defined her first 3 months
Loving: Adelaide more and more every day. "Fussys" and all.
Hoping: Jordan, Adelaide and I will all be able to get out of the house together a few times before I go back to school
Marveling: at how quickly Adelaide is growing
Needing: something to eat. I didn't have lunch and I'm starting to feel it now.
Smelling: Mr. Bowser's special scent
Wearing: house shoes... cozy feet are a must in winter
Following: Ryan Adams on twitter and not enjoying it as much as I thought I would
Noticing: fewer and fewer leaves on the trees, how did I miss Fall? 
Knowing: Adelaide will be okay with a babysitter next week
Thinking: I still wish I could be the one watching her learn and grow all day, everyday
Feeling: the imminent return of work day rushing
Bookmarking: baby food steamer/puree thingys
Opening: Baby Bargains for about the millionth time to research highchairs and making our own baby food
Giggling: when Adelaide burps. What can I say?
Feeling: anxious about the end of Christmas break



Can I just say, I never thought the hardest part of starting a blog would be finding an available url. Seriously, how many titles and variations did I type in before finding one that wasn't taken by someone who started and ended their own blog back in 2009, with a grand total of 1 post? Geez. (Hopefully that won't become this blog's fate!)

On the the point then... I've been following other people's blogs for years, absolutely loving that they let me share in moments of their life. Many times I thought it might be fun to start one of my own, but always assumed no one would really care about anything going on in my life. Today, I finally decided it was time to go for it, and here's why...

1. Adelaide

I'm sure at least a few members of our family would like to hear about what's going on with Adelaide from time to time, as well as see a few pictures. Hopefully they won't mind listening to other random ramblings by me as well from time to time.

2. My New Year's Resolution

I'm not generally one to make a New Year's Resolution. I've always thought it was kind of silly that January 1st was the day to make improvements in your life. If something needs improving on, why not just do it? Why is January 1st any better than any other day. Add to that the fact that many resolutions end up just being dropped not long after they're made and you've got good reason to just pass on the whole deal. So I wouldn't really say my recent decision to improve on certain things in my life is really a New Year's Resolution so much, but more just the desire to try making a couple of changes, which just happens to coincide with the new year. So, here it is: think more positively

Unfortunately, I have a character flaw that I have become especially aware of in the past month or so. I tend to dwell... particularly on negative things. I wallow. I cry. I need to work on that. With my impending return to work after a wonderfully short Christmas break (which is only half over, and yet I am already dreading the end of it... point made I guess) I am going to have to really focus on the good things... the bright side. Things like the job I have, that many others would love to have, which allows me to provide my family with insurance and to spend time with coworkers who have become friends. Or the fact that I have a safe place for my baby girl to go each day, and a husband with a job that might allow him to pick her up early or drop her off late some days. Those are big. Those are the bright side. 

I am hoping that having a blog will do for me what it has done for many others: hold me accountable. I hope that having a place to share the happy moments in my life will help me focus more on those things and less on the things that bring me down. 

It's time to start trying to be the person I want my daughter to learn from.


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